10 Sure Tips to Build Online Store On Instagram and Sell your Products Fast

10 Sure Tips to Build Online Store On Instagram and Sell your Products Fast
10 Sure Tips to Build Online Store On Instagram and Sell your Products Fast

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Instagram (IG) is one of the social media to popular photo sharing in Indonesia. Such as Twitter and Facebook, many people take advantage of the IG to make money by making an online store.

Many success stories of entrepreneurs online store IG, make you drool? Behind the success of the online store IG, many things need to be noticed mainly to gain customer satisfaction.

Here are 10 tips to build your online store at IG based on the customer's perspective.

1. Schedule the latest product updates

Specify the update schedule latest products so eagerly awaited by followers (followers). You can also come to publicly announce the schedule for the followers.

While doing post the latest product photos, give a distance of 5-10 minutes between one product with another product.
Post photos to the latest product updates will simultaneously meet the timeline of your followers.

2. Always include price information on each product

This will allow your followers do their own calculations. With the price, followers who plan to purchase more than one product to be able to easily see the total they have to pay. In addition, you also will not be bothered by the question repeated price.

3. Provide a description of the shop with you

Take advantage of Bio IG section to provide a concise explanation of the store, the type of goods being offered, and whether or not authentic goods.
Include also the banks that were used for payment and contacts.
Banks are popular used are Bank Mandiri, BCA and BNI. Contacts popular use is Whatsapp, LINE, and SMS.

4. Remove product photos are already sold-out and provide a ready stock

You can include the information that all the photos mean the stock is still there on your IG Bio. Many online shoppers who really know the product is not ready stock directly switching to the next shop, so if you're using store pre-order system, also make sure there are choices of goods ready stock.

5. Quick response via chat

The online store IG utilize chat appuntuk transaction. If you answer chat (either inquiries or orders) of more than 6 hours after the first chat is sent, might you lose a transaction. Prepare the format of the answer to the questions that often comes in, and the format of the order so as to facilitate and accelerate you respond to the chat.

6. Do not lock your account online store IG

One of the reasons some online stores lock their account is to make prospective followers of curiosity and finally follows the online store account to avoid window shopping only. Of course, the trick is a little disturbing prospect.

7. Use influence the Instaceleb

Promotion is essential to explore new buyers.
Unfortunately, most followers interrupted once when you make a sale online store to another store. Moreover, if other stores are selling products that much different from your online store.

Better find Instaceleb whose followers are in accordance with the target of your online store for endorsed. Some Instaceleb receive endorse any form of product or give a cost for each post in the IG them. The influence of Instaceleb also add your followers trust of your online store.

8. Show testimonials about your online store

Build trust of prospective buyers to your store with occasional publish customer testimonials. Unlock page Photos of You at the IG so that potential buyers can see tagging photos of the customers to your product.

9. Complete a personal complaint

If followers to make complaints by commenting on your IG, resolve these problems through chat or email. Then, remove the comments such of complaint.

10. Provide a bonus for loyal customers

This bonus is not necessarily in the form of a large or expensive. For example, if the selling make-up, you can provide product samples, rebates, or free shipping if loyal customers make purchases in bulk.

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