18 Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers

Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers

17 Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers that are just starting their own blog and need it to be developed!!!

If you are a beginner blogger, certainly a lot of things you should learn in developing your blog starting from the basics of blogging to monetization.
However, do not worry, the more often you practice that learned, the more chances your blog becomes successful, such as How to be making money from owned blog.
To help you learn and practice blogging tips, I am collecting a number of posts that help you learn systematically. Here are 17 tips for blogging that you are notabene a beginner blogger.

Basics of blogging

1. Types of Blogs that You Should Know. There are at least 5 types of blogs that you should know before developing your blog to the next stage. The five types of blogs are peeled in this post so as to prevent you from wasting time to develop the wrong blog - keep tracking for it in this post.

2. What is Success ?? This post describes the definition and size of success that can be applied to your blogging activity. Which size do you choose? Of course you can determine it after reading this post.

3. Phases of Blog Development. The development phases of blogs that you deserve to know that help you get out of the stress in managing and making money from your blog.

4. 7 Successful Blogger Habits and How they are Managing their Blog.
According to John Chow, there are at least seven good habits that promote the successful bloggers. What are the seven habits? Please read more on this post.
5. Ways Against Blogging Saturation. Be aware or not, you will feel bored when blogging. The post that explains the ways you can fight against that saturation is related here.
6. Fears that Harm the Blog (and How to Overcome It). There are a number of fears facing when managing a blog. If left unchecked, these fears can hinder your steps or even keep you from building successful blogs. What is the fear and the solution?

Content Writing

7. Tips To Your Posts Easy To Read Visitors. This post contains practical tips so that your blog readers comfortable reading your post.

8. Easy Ways to Create Opening Paragraphs that Attract Readers' Attention. You have trouble creating opening paragraphs? If yes, the post that is adapted from this Copyblogger can be one of the solutions.

9. Sentence Elements You Need to Know. What happens if you write when writing difficult sentence by sentence when the reference is available? Dizzy or annoyed, is not it? One trick is to know the elements of a sentence.

10. Ways to Find Dozens of Post Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less. No matter how long you become a blogger, at one time you will not know what to write alias run out of posting ideas. The good news is there are three ways to find dozens of post ideas in 10 minutes or less.

11. How to Write Without Editing. In this post you will know how to quickly write your post. This way I usually do in writing blog posts or books.

12. Guidelines for Writing Capital Letters (No. 11 Mostly Forgotten Most People). This post describes the use of capital letters or uppercase letters corresponding to enhanced spellings. Along with examples of sentences.

13. Do not Make These Pitfalls When You Write a Title. Many bloggers who make a trivial error but have a fatal impact when making the title. Check out the full explanation on this post.

14. Want To Be A Productive Blogger? Follow This System. This post describes a system that allows you to become a productive blogger.


15. How to Build a Profitable Mapping Network. You should build networking with successful bloggers. How can this networking be effective? This post explains the way it is.

Blog Promotion

16. Giving Comments: Things You Should Avoid. Want your comment not to be deleted by the blog owner where you commented? Avoid seven things that peeled on this post.

17. Tips to Be a Blogger Guest. Being a guest blogger is one way to promote your blog. This post contains tips relation so you can become a guest blogger on any blog. (All the post less with link can be searched for in the search box provided)

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