7 Types of Story Posts You Can Show in Your Blog

7 Types of Story Posts You Can Show in Your Blog

It is strange but true then ¢ â,¬â "¢ s forgotten ¢ â,¬Â|

After school ¢ â,¬Â| With him

No time ¢ â,¬Â| most beautiful days of school

No story ¢ â,¬Â| most beautiful love stories in school
You may remember the lyrics above. Yes, it is a fragment of lyrics Story of Love in Schools Obbie Meshach work that became hits in 1989. I was then 5 th grade and i still remembered.

Why is it easy to remember song lyrics?

I think this is because it is a story about the times dating in school that might be experienced by many people.

The point is that a lot of the stories will be remembered. So, what to do with blogging?

Of course we can make a post-type story. What is it?

Below are 7 types of stories you can create and display on your blog.

1. The success of self

You could make a post on your own success story in the blog. This shows how you accomplished something. For example, the story successfully raise your rank from 10 million to 400 thousand in two months.

In addition to unique, this post will provide inspiration and insight to readers who are trying to raise alexa blog.

2. The story of the failure of self

Naturally, people will prefer to tell stories of failure than success stories. In fact, the story is a clear example of a failure so that others do not suffer similar failures.

For example, you talk about banned their Google Adsense account. Well, the people who read it will know what you are doing up your account banned.
Thus, it will not do any of these ways.

3. Acts of others

Like the story itself, the story of another person can be a story of success and failure. For example, you know the story Shomoney success in earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from Google Adsense.

From your own store, you better liskannya menu in a post so that your readers know.

4. Case Study

This case study is a result of the experiments you do. For example, you create a 10-month post-type mucus. A month later, you create 10 posts manifold humor.

What is the impact of change on this topic on your blog traffic? Are reduce or even increase traffic?

Whatever the outcome, you can make it into a post that gives new insight for readers.

5. Auto biography

Auto biography is the story of the journey that you have written yourself. For example, you have to cultivate the affiliate for 5 years. Well, you could make a post that tells you experience during that period, from how do you know your affiliation to the situation now.

6. Biography

Specify several prominent favorite topic of your blog. Then tell us a brief history of the character, so your readers can learn from the success of the character.

7. Acts of the reader

Ask your readers or interviewed about a topic. Also helpful for other readers, this will build a network or a warm friendship between you and the readers interviewed.

Until now, I've interviewed more than 10 bloggers. You can do it, right?

That's 7 stories you can write in your blog. If you know the other seven types of stories above, please share in the comments section.

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