8 Sure Ways on How to Increase your Blog Pageviews

Sure Ways on How to Increase your Blog Pageviews

8 Sure Ways on How to Increase your Blog Pageviews to Derive Large Engulfed Traffics

How to improve, boost, or to increase pageviews and visitors-blog readers (SEO Tips).

PAGEVIEWS is the number of pages (posts) that are opened-read by visitors of our blog. It could be a little visitors, but pageviews him a lot because that little "feel at home" to open our blog.

Pageviews stats can be viewed in the "Stats" menu in the blog dashboard, also in Google Analytic. If pageviews is a bit, should be the motivation to raise it. If pageviews is a lot, also should be an encouragement to continue to improve it by posting repentitive and SEO optimization blog.

8 Ways to Increase Blog Pageviews

Many bloggers who share about How to Increase Pageviews Blog, one of them Shout Me Loud. There are at least eight tips or methods to improve blog's pageviews, plus additional information from Expertlheeman based on experience.

1. Make an Interesting Post Title!

Interesting titles that if interested in the reader, but still contains important keywords are targeted. Not a "weird" title, let alone excluding keywords.

For example, the most popular Blog Expertlheeman post is still around Blog Gist. The keywords "cool blog templates and seo" apparently still an attraction. Remember! Your post must be original! Homemade, let alone Google Panda 4.0 has been updated which prioritizes quality posts and original.

2. Posting Related Posts Widget

Show list of related posts below posts. Minimal 5 posts, maximum 10, not most, so make it later! Who has not got any related post, please do: How to Install Related Posts Securely from Link Inserts is in this blog.

3. Link your posts with other posts.

Make an "internal link", a link to another post related to the topic discussed.
While creating a new post always think about relating it to other posts present on your blog. So if you have linked a post with other post effectively then it will also help you in increasing your blog's pageviews.

4. Show "Recommended Contents".

If necessary, display 2 to 3 post titles you recommend. It usually appears at the bottom left of the user's monitor screen. For example, seconds. Always bring it up.

Expertlheeman himself did not do it because for the Expertlheeman it was "annoying". Cause headache. But just try to install it. Anyway, a related post list is also sufficient. That is, this 4 points can be passed because it is equal to 3 points on How to Increase Blog Pageviews.

5. Show "Recent Post" and "Popular Posts"

It's also the same as points 3 and 4, but the list of post titles is a lot different because it displays the latest posts and most reads.

1. Widget popular post already provided blogger. Just click "Layout"> "Add Gadget"> select "Popular Posts".

2. Install "latest post" live "Layout"> "Add Gadget"> select "Feeds", then enter the URL of your blog address. Click Enter and please setting.

6. Install Search Box (Site Search tool)

This is mandatory! For example, look in the sidebar of this blog. This facility allows users to search for the posts they need.

7. Make a Table of Contents (Sitemap).

Many bloggers do not recommend, because it's rare that there are open, but who knows a lot. Put it up. The contents of the blog can help users find the info they need. Examples and how to create a list of blog contents, click on the "About" menu of this blog.

8. Always Reply on Comments!

Comments reply, answer, comments that go to your blog!
Users will be happy if their comments are replied, and can re-open your blog because they feel "to be new friends". Is it right...?

Well, that's 8 Ways to Raise Bloggers Blog Pageviews version, plus "interpretation" from Expertlheeman. How is your version?

Expert Lheeman


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