Habits, Ways and Beliefs of Successful Blogger and How They Manage Their Blog for More Success

7 Habits, Ways and Beliefs of Successful Blogger and How They Manage Their Blog for More Success

Being a successful blogger is our desire as a novice blogger. No wonder we often do these tips from successful bloggers blogging or abroad. In addition to these tips, I think, we can also learn from their habit.

Any habits of bloggers are achieving success?
According to John Chow in ebook of Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com, at least there are 7 habits that successful bloggers do, namely:

1. Publish consistently post

Consistent is fixed. In blogging, the definition can be interpreted consistently regularly publish posts. When is the time? It depends on the situation and the blogger's own pr. Can only post one article every day, three posts per week, one article per week, or more than one post per day.

2. Liking topic on how to blog

With topics like blogging will help in developing a blog in the long term. For example, you are choosing a topic the car because you like things that are related to car. Thus, you will be happy to write the topic in the long term.

3. Interact with readers

What was the point of a blog if no readers. Therefore, interact with readers help you in developing a blog. Among other forms of interaction reply comments, accept criticism, replying to e-mail reader, and visit the blog visitors.

4. Do not be stingy provide link

A good postings are generally derived from his own experience and or reference (the writings of others). Although the writing was largely derived from his own experience, it would be better if the posting was equipped with data or facts of the postings of others. Moreover, these habits help visitors deepen the topic and develop cooperation with the blogger that you refer in your writing.

5. Know the image of itself

In the midst of the millions of bloggers around the world, a successful bloggers know portray themselves positively. This imaging can be performed with no copy and paste other people's writing, honest, keeps the copyright, and also good friends with bloggers. Indeed, the relatively instant way, but in the long run will really help you if you take that way.

6. Write well

Writing posts is the backbone to develop a blog in the long term. Therefore, successful bloggers write as possible with due regard to usability, grammar, writing flow, the effectiveness of the sentence, and the coherence of sentences or paragraphs.

7. Reading other blogs that interested

Some successful bloggers do not read the blog they are owning , but they also read other people's blogs. It can be a well-known blog, or a blog that has not been popular. Indication of reading is done by visiting directly or become a customer of the blog's RSS feed. Purpose of reading is one of them as a continuous learning effort.

One way to be a successful blogger is to replicate the good habits that successful bloggers do. Seven habits that I described above can be your starting point to be a successful blogger.

7 Habits, Ways and Beliefs of Successful Blogger and How They Manage Their Blog for More Success

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