How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months

How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months
How I Promote Expert Lheeman In The First 3 Months

This post is part of the sixth phase of blogging I beamed posts. If you have not read the previous section, please refer to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 in the search box.

I have often heard that content is king. This statement is true, but for a new blog is not enough. Additional efforts are necessary to promote it. Departing from this understanding, I also take the free and paid ways to promote Expertlheeman within the first 3 months.

Free way that I do is:

1. Active in the mailing list
Long before to blogging, I am actively interact with colleagues list all my di mailing. After having Expertlheeman, I was more actively involved in the mailing list.

In these interactions, I inform you the latest postings Expertlheeman, expect colleagues to visit my blog. The result? Fewer visitors are coming because of my posts may not appeal to them.
Number of visitors this makes me introspection with mailing list almamater is not the right vehicle for promotion. In addition to the academic world about the topic, sometimes members are more interested in discussing the news again lively in the mass media and electronic media.

2. Blog walking (BW)

I do BW to the blogs of my friends when blogging on a free blog. Every day I BW to 10-20 blog friends. In addition to the blog friends, I went to the blogs BW famous in Indonesia. I diligently commented on over 10 blogs each day. The result is quite passable raise Expertlheeman traffic.

3. Register posts to Traffic News

When blog on, one of my posts was registered by someone to Traffic News. The post became hot and sent more than 500 visitors.

From this experience, I registered every post Expertlheeman to Traffic News. The result? New posts were written on February 2017, which is 5 Greatest Hits Blogger Women in the World, which becomes hot. For the first time, this blog has reached 800 page views a day.

4. Guest Blogger

I read the invitation to be a guest blogger on Blog guebo, one of Indonesia which is always my blog inspiration. On feb 2017 I start writing.

A day later Medhy Aginta (owner of Blogguebo) agreed and informed that my writing will be published end of the month. I am very happy to know this information.

The excitement I shed with prancing own (like Roger Federer won the Australian Open) in my den. Fortunately, my wife did not see that he was not surprised.

My guest article appeared in the end of July 2009. Unfortunately, the traffic is not as abundant, only about 10 people coming per day from the blog. However, the guest posting an unexpected increase the number of customers from the customer 12 to 30 customers within a week.

5. Resolving work colleague

Every day I use email to communicate with work colleagues. Well, in the signature section, I include a link to your post or home page Expertlheeman.

There are times when I deliberately asking work colleagues for a visit. However, both of the above are not effective because my colleagues do not like blogging.

In addition to complimentary way, I was promoted through paid way, namely:

6. Sponsoring Contest

I am sponsoring a writing contest organized by Nothing Impossible Dinda Ayu Rahmi. This sponsorship form in the form of a dot com domain 5 to the winner 1-5.

Although visitors who come are not encouraging, I'm still happy because Expertlheeman began to be known by other bloggers, at least the participants of the contest.

That's 6 ways that I have taken to promote Expertlheeman within the first 3 months. How about you? What do you do to promote your blog in the first 3 months?

Info: In the next post (post glow this last post) I will write about my biggest dream as a blogger. Do not miss, because who knows my dream is similar to your dreams.

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