How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

9 Ways on How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

As we know, in this world of law apply in pairs: day and night, men and women, happy-sad, and so on. When this law we associate with the world of blogging, one example is there is a successful blogger, there is also the opposite. According to John Chow, this lack of success is influenced at least nine mistakes in blogging.

Therefore, in my opinion, this error 9 shall be avoided if we want to be successful blog owner.
Any of these mistakes?

1. Not to up date the blog

John Chow mentioned that blogs are not up to date is a dead blog. For example, someone who diligently to post multiple posts in a month. However, one month later the person is not to updating again. What's the solution?

Successful bloggers earn tens of thousands of dollars per month it is suggested us to consistently to up date the blog within our means. If we were able to post one article per day, we have the commitment to do it per day.
However, if we are only able to post one article per week, we should also do it every week commitment.

2. blogging solely for money

Famous moment, the blog is filled with ads and writing paid reviews without providing the information required visitors.
According to Chow, blog visitors are generally not liked by so many ads and writing paid reviews. The solution, we have to put both types of monetization proportionally (balanced) so that our readers do not feel disturbed.

3. Rushing published a paper

After typing paper, a page blog hastily pressing the publish button without looking back (check) the text. John Chow suggested we check out at least two or three times a paper to be published to avoid typos, writing flow does not flow between paragraphs, and the links are broken off (broken link).

4. Do not enter personal opinion

According to Chow, a blog is not a newspaper or magazine online. Visitors will be interested to read the article if there is the manager's opinion blog.

5. Copy and paste the writings of others

Besides unethical, this activity does not reflect the creativity and uniqueness of yourself. According to Chow, we could create the same article with other people posting topics.
However, once again we have to give our opinion in our own words.

6. Do not reply to comments

A blog is a 2-way communication means, ie between the owner and its visitors. When a blog visitor commented, Chow suggested à ¢ Å "please answer Them ¢ Å".

7. Do not give the full RSS Feed

Just give a summary of the RSS feed. John Chow Experience shows that after he gave RSS Feed whole, the number of subscribers has doubled.

8. Do not reach out to other blogs
According to Chow, did not reach it's like not to comment on other blogs, do not give exchange links, do not want to love the track back on other blog posts, and did not join the other blogs MyBlogLog community setopik.

9. Writing for search engines

Posts made only focused on the ranks on the search engines and not for visitors. As a result, the writing is filled with swirling excessive keyword.

9 Ways on How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

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