How to Build a Network Blog for Mutual Beneficial

How to Build a Network Blog for Mutual Beneficial

A colleague of mine some time offered a position in another company even though he did not apply for the position. When I asked why it happened, colleagues replied that he had many friends or colleagues in several companies.

Does the network need in the world of blogging? I think it is necessary.


Because if you have a network with many bloggers, then they will be happy to be giving backlink to your post, recommend your blog to others, and even to help sell your products or services.

How to build a blogging network

1. Make a list of bloggers who set to pick with your blog

How many bloggers that should be on your list? There is no default rules. Depending on your taste (the more the better).

Then, how to find bloggers who set to pick with your blog?
The easiest way to type a topic of your blog in Google Blog. Another way is making blog walking.

2. Introduce yourself

When you have made a list of the bloggers, you should introduce yourself to them. Use the email address or contact form.

Below are the points when you introduce yourself:

*. Do not beat around the bush. Jump to inform you that you contact them to introduce themselves.

*. Mention that your blog (along with its URL) have the same topic with them.

*. Inform that you love them and your blog content will link it.

Here is a sample message to illustrate the points above.

Hello [name blogger contacted],

I am contacting you to introduce yourself. My name is Lheeman ¢ â,¬Â|. [Your name], and I also have a blog with topikà ¢ â,¬Â| [the topic of your blog]. URL adalaha ¢ â,¬Â|

It is my view that your content is very interesting, and I would recommend some of that content to my blog readers.

Warm regards,

[your name]

3. Link (trackback) some of their posts

Standard rules of building a network blog before accepting. If you want the bloggers are linking to blog or post your link was the one posting or blog them first.

How melinknya can create a link or post melinknya in your relevant posts. If you do not post links or pingback trackback tracked in them, then you must do is to inform via email or contact form.

4. prop them

In addition to linking to their content, you also must support them in other ways. Here are a few examples:

*. Recommend them to your friends blog

*. Recommend products or services

*. interview them

*. Send them your posts helpful sense to social sites (facebook, tweeter, Traffic News, etc.)

5. Inform Your Qualified to their posts

When you make quality posts, the postings to inform them by email or contact form. In contacting them, avoid asking them to link to the article. You just mentioned that they would like these postings.

The following examples illustrate the message that the above statement:

Hello [name blogger contacted],
I just made a post titled â,¬Â|à ¢ à ¢ â,¬Â|. [Name of your posts]. I am optimistic that you like it. URL adalaha ¢ â,¬Â| ..


[your name]

With this approach, they will be happy to read your post (without coercion). If they like your post, they are likely to accept it.

If they do not accept it, you do not despair. Continue to create quality posts and repeat the 3rd to the 5th. Sooner or later they are going to back link your posts.
In principle, building a network of blogging is giving before receiving. By applying the above fifth way, sooner or later you will get a blogging network.

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