How to - Download, Save Pictures on Computer Screen and Create ScreenShot

How to - Download, Save Pictures on Computer Screen and Create ScreenShot

Ways on How to - Download, Save Pictures on Computer Screen and Create ScreenShot for Free with your computer

How to Download, Save Images, Create a ScreenShot, or Take Image-Photos on a Computer Screen.

LOTS of ways to download (download), create ScreenShot, or take a picture (image- photo) that is on a computer screen.

Not just for blogging activities (illustration of post images), these tips also apply to you who will take stats, tables, or anything for non-blogging purposes.

Based on the experience, there are at least five ways to save, or download image on a computer screen, especially on websites or blogs or images that exist anywhere as they appear on a computer screen:

1. Right click the mouse and Save As

2. Snipping Tools

3. Press PrtSc SysRq on the keyboard

4. Use Software - WebSceen Shot Application

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How to Take a Picture on a Computer Screen The # 1 Way.

Save Imagae As

How to download images on the computer screen no.1 is already very common. Right-click the image you want to download or save, then click "Save image as",

How to Take a Picture on the Computer Screen

How to Take a Picture on a Computer Screen. *

To preview the original size image, you can first select the 'Open image in new tab' menu.

To directly copy the image, select copy image. For example, to edit in CorelDraw, can select "copy image" and Paste in coreldraw page.

Way # 2. Snipping Tools

How to download images on the computer screen no.2 is using the application "Snipping Tools" built- in Microsoft Windows.

Snipping Tools

1. Open Snipping Tool in Start Menu

2. Type in the search field 'Snipping Tool'.

3. Click menu "New"

4. Select "Full-Screen Snip" if you want to shoot a full screen

5. Select "Rectangular Snip" or "Free-Form Snip" if you want to Screenshot one part.

6. Specify the area you want to take the picture using the cursor.

7. Click "Save Snip" (floppy image) or by pressing "Ctrk+S" on the keyboard.

Way # 3 Print Screen

How to save images from a computer screen or create another ScreenShot is to use the Print Screen feature in the keyboard, by pressing the "Prnt Scrn" or "PrtSC SysRq" button on the keyboard.

After pressing the button, the image on the screen is automatically saved, but the location has not been determined yet.

You can open the CorelDraw page or the "Paint" app in windows to save it by pressing "Ctrl+V" or Paste.

Way # 4. Use Software

In contrast to the way 1, 2, and 3 above that can be offline, how to make screenshots or ambol images on this computer screen must be online. Many WebSceen Shot Apps, one of them, most popular, is LightShot.

How to Take Images Using LightShot

1. Download and install the Lightshot first on your computer.

2. Open the image on the computer or web page to be taken- saved.

3. Press the Print Screen Button (PrtSc SysRq) on the keyboard (see figure in number 3)

4. Select the area you want in LightShot (the image you want to capture) then Drag to the size you want.

5. Click the floppy image to save the LightShot result.

6. Select a storage location.

7. Name the file for LightShot results. For use in blog posts, use the file name format like this: name-drawing-like this (lowercase letters and use interconnection alerts).

8. Save!


Similarly How to Download, Save, or Save Images on the Computer Screen alias Create ScreenShot.

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