How to Make Google to Index Your New Blog& Website Quickly

How to Make Google to Index Your New Blog&Website Quickly
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How to Make Google to Index Your New Blog&Website Quickly.........Tips For Fast Google Articles/Posts Indexed - Google Rank Tips...........How to Get Fast Google Articles/Posts Indexed - Google Top 1 Tips

Tips for Google Fast Articles Indexed - In General after we make a post a new article we are not indexed directly by google. If your friends do not believe please check your own by typing (Keyword "site:your url") in the google search field, find out whether the article you just post whether it is indexed or not if no means your article has not been indexed.
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How long does it take for new articles to be indexed by Google ??

Each article has a time to be indexed differently, the fastest one hour after the new post is created. Even there are also up to one week indexed blum.

Based on the above then we need to register or tell google that we have a new article by submitting our article. To register our new article follow the steps below.
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Tips For Quick Google Indexed New Articles

1. Go to Google add url or click the Google Crawl URL to make it easier.

2. In the URL field enter your new article url.

3. Enter the CAPTCHA Code provided

4. Finally click Send Request >> Done

*. Your article will be indexed within two to five hours.

*. Do this step every time you create a new article for your articles to be quickly indexed.
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In order for maximum results please submit sitemap and web url on google webmaster
Please read How to submit sitemap for blogspot

So, first about tips for fast articles indexed google, hopefully can help you and thanks for that you have stopped by to read this article.
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