How to Setup and Use FeedBurner for Blogspot Blogger Easily

How to Setup and Use FeedBurner for Blogspot Blogger Easily
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How to Setup and Use FeedBurner for Blogspot Blogger Easily

How To Enroll Feedburner Easily For Your Blog
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Registering feedburner is one of onpage seo optimization that is recommended, because it will facilitate your blog to quickly indexed google especially that this service belongs to Google and it will also help in boosting your Alexa Rank.
Lots of advantages that we get if we use this google free service, one of them is to facilitate your blog visitors to subscribe to all your articles in a simple way because it will be in the affairs of your blog feedburner. Other than it is believed that feedburner allows google to index our articles fastly.
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For those interested to register and benefit from this feedburner immediately register your blog and direct your RSS feeds blog to feedburner. Next follow the following tutorial:

How To Enroll Feedburner Easily For Your Blog

*. Visit the FEEDBURNER.COM site

*. Please login with your gmail account

*. In the initial view please enter your blog feed address or your blog URL if you are confused >> click next
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*. After that feedburner will track your feeds address >> choose RSS or Atom all the same.

*. Your passion will be brought to the next page >> please put your feeds name and click next if it is.

*. Your feed will be printed blue >> Save and remember the name of your blog feed.

*. Next you will be given several options, just follow the picture below >> Next Feedburner Tutorial

*. If there is like the picture below then the feed for your blog is so flex. Feedburner flex

*. Ignore it if you see a picture as drawn. Ignore Feedburner

Installing FEED In Your Blog

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*. Open your blog dashboard >> select Settings >> more.


*. Then input the feed you saved earlier

*. Click SAVE.

How to install feeds on blog

*. Return to page FEEDBURNER.COM

*. Find PUBLICIZE posts

*. Select PING SHOT in the left sidebar

*. Click ACTIVE in PING SHOT view.

*. Done

That's how to register Feedburner, because this is one of onpage seo techniques so hopefully can help to your blog being more quickly indexed.
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