How to Sign Up for Google Analytics and Install Codes on Blog

How to Sign Up for Google Analytics and Install Codes on Blog

How do i Sign Up for Google Analytics and Install the confimation Codes on My Blog ??

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How to Sign Up for Google Analytics and Install Codes on Blogs

How to Apply for Google Analytics and Install Codes on Blog- Do you want to know your blog traffic? Or want to know how busy your blog is? Google Analytics is the right application to monitor your blog, especially google analytics is also very important for the online business and money seekers on the internet because through this google application we can find out how busy our blog is.
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We just go to the tutorial on how to register google analytics and install your blog code.

How to Sign up for Google Analytics Universal

*. Visit the Google Analiytics Page

*. Once on the google analytics page, click the ENTER link in the top right.

*. Click REGISTRATION to create a new analytics account.

*. Once you have entered complete registration form then..
*. Make sure the option you choose is WEBSITE not APPLICATION

*. Slide down the bottom you will choose the option from google analytics and make sure to select the UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS because the feature is complete and the same free.
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*. Next click agree on PRIVACY POLICY

*. After you click AGREE, you will be taken deep in your account, and there will be an analytics code that you have to install on your blog.

*. Please copy the
Installation code by Google analytics Tracking ID and paste it on your blog

*. Log into your blogger account

*. Select TEMPLATE menu


*. Find the codeon your blog and paste the analytics code on the template

*. Save Changes

*. Try re-opening the google analytic page and press F5 and see if there are any successful TRACK CODE notifications.

*. If not Try the following alternatives

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*. Replace UA-XXXXX-X code with your tracking ID.

*. Remove the code above that you previously installed and replace with the script code above.


*. Try pressing F5 back on google analytics page .. hopefully successful

Actually you can also install the tracking ID through settings and select other on google analytics column input your TROUBLES code (UA-XXXXX-X).

With the installation of tracking id on your blog then you can know your blog traffic and its mare is more SEO. So how to make google analytics list and install the code on your blog is finished, OK I think enough until here first time already stop by and read my article.
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