New Tricks& Tips List for Google Webmaster Tools

New Tricks& Tips List for Google Webmaster Tools

New Tricks& Tips List for Google Webmaster Tools to Increase your Website Google Rank to The 1st (first) Page of Google Search Result

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the free features that google provide to maximize your website or blog, features that can be used include: to observe the top search Keyword, keyword dominance on the blog, broken link problems, crawls etc. errors. As a new blogger you must register your blog to Google webmaster because this is important thing for your blog.

If your blog is using platform of blogger or blogspot then you're blessed because you will need not in registring google web master. You just use your gmail to login.

Doing Site Verification

*. After you login then on the homepage of the webmaster page will appear your blog includes the name of blog url and image of your blog >> Select MANAGE SITE or GOVERNING SITE on the right path.

*. Then click ADD OR REMOVE USER or ADD OR REMOVE USERS. Generally if your blog is using blogger believe it is automatically verified.


*. Select Add a meta tag on your site's home page or add a meta tag to your homepage >> copy and save the html code provided.

*. Please put the code you copied just below your template.

*. Save your template.

*. If it is saved then go back to the google webmaster window and click VERIFY at the bottom of the page.

*. If you do it correctly then there will be SUCCESSIVE notice on your Browser screen.

Submit Sitemap

*. Back to Google webmaster home page

*. Click on the url link or your blog address

*. Select a sitemap

*. On the sitemap page select add test sitemap test

*. Input The Below Code On Your Sitemap:

Submit SiteMap

*. After it has been submited, it will usually appear like the picture above

*. Done

Read how to create a sitemap for blogspot for your blog to have a sitemap(Search It Here)

Learn more on how to create a sitemap for your blog,

Your blogspot blog is already has a site map and already registered on google webmaster (Incase you ain't know).

So how to register google webmaster tools for your blog, hopefully can help your blog to be indexed faster

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