SEO Tips For Beginner's Guides to Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Beginner's Guides to Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Beginner's : Guides to Search Engine Optimization

SEO OPTIMIZATION FOR BEGINNERS - most beginners to do seo optimization may be so confusing, not even a few beginners who are desperate because they do not get maximum results.
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Build a popular blog is not for a while, and the way it is done is not easy, at least you need 3 months to make your blog crowded then even if you are not lazy to find backlinks and create quality articles.

So if you are a beginner and still confused how to do optimization on blogs just follow the following seo optimization checklist, here is the first step or the basic part to make your blog crowded with visitors.
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1. Make a quality article

The purpose of blogging - here is an article that can provide a solution for a problem. Try to think if your article is able to answer questions from visitors of your blog then automatically visitors will be satisfied with your blog and so they will become loyal visitors, even recommend your blog to other visitors.

2. Do seo optimization onpage

If you already understand seo you will realize how important seo onpage optimization is, but you do not need to worry because I have summarized how to optimize your blog in terms of onpage. Please read on How to Do An On Page SEO Optimization For Your Blog - SEO Tips. If you are still a beginner and do not understand or do not want to bother doing onpage optimization points you can also use a seo friendly template that I have applied its onpage optimization please download and install on your blog.
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3. Looking for backlinks and promote your blog.

There are so many ways you can do to promote and search for backlinks, for those of you who are beginners you need to do is visit the blog that still has the same theme with your blog, take lessons from each visit you do and don't forget to comment or ask if there is Things you do not understand. And make good friends. Next tell your friends about the blogs that exist and do not forget to invite them to visit and promote your blog. Of course your blog must have a quality article.

Do the above steps well, after you have a lot of quality articles, the right onpage optimization and promote your blog, then you try to understand more intensive seo and support points, I am sure within 3 to 6 months your blog will already has good traffic, The point is to be patient and keep trying.
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It is a trick or tutorial from my own. I dare to give the tutorial based on the experience that I have ever experienced and I keep trying to make a simple way so that the beginners can understand seo easily according to the vision and blog url of this "".

I think it's enough till here first please do the above checklist well after you understand the intent or purpose of the checklist above I will try to provide supporting articles such as how to search for backlinks, nofollow and dofollow backlink differences and knowledge of seo and other blog tutorials.

If you think this article is useful please share with your friends and do not hesitate to ask if you do not understand or still there is not clearance.
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