SEO Tools For Mozilla Firefox to Generate More Traffics to Your Blog/Website

SEO Tools For Mozilla Firefox to Generate More Traffics to Your Websites/Blog

A month ago I decided to switch browsers from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox.

Apparently, this decision is right because I am a lot of benefits from firefox.

One benefit is that it can be added to the SEO for Firefox. Allan Wall artificial Tools makes it easy I know the strength of the competitors of keywords I choose.
By typing the keyword on Google, the value of page rank and Alexa rank competitors will look without having to visit or check them one by one.

For users of Mozilla, but have not utilized these tools, below is how to download and setting features of SEO for Firefox. Please try because it is useful and of course 100% free.

How To Download SEO for Firefox

1. Go through the link below SEO SEO for Firefox

2. For those of you who are already using Mozilla, click Download Now. For those of you who do not use Mozilla, please download firefox.

3. Create a username and enter your email address. Then click Claim your free SEO Tools. You will be taken to the Login page.

4. Open your email and see a message from which contains the username and password.

5. Return to login page, enter your username and password emailed to you earlier.

6. You will go to the user. View Your Free Bonuses section, and then click Download $ 300 worth of SEO Tools-for free.

7. There are four stages to install. However, you do not need to install the fourth tahp. Scroll down and immediately see the 4th stage is install the SEO for Firefox. Click Download Now.

8. When the notification image appears, click Install Now.

9. Restart Firefox to complete the changes.

Setting SEO for Firefox

1. In the Firefox browser, click Tools >> SEO for Firefox >> Options.

2. Setting suit your needs. In the picture below I just set page rank, Alexa, Technorati (Automatic).
Other items that I created hidden.

3. After the setting is complete, press OK.

That means downloading and setting SEO tools for Firefox.
May be useful for those who need it. Happy blogging for everything.

Thanks For Reading : SEO Tools For Mozilla Firefox to Generate More Traffics To Your Websites/Blog


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