Should I Use Facebook Comment Box for my Blog ? (Effects and it's Benefits)

Should I Use Facebook Comment Box for my Blog ? (Effects and it's Benefits)

Should I Use Facebook Comment Box for my Blog ? (Effects and it's Benefits)

Facebook as a social site top of the world is very tempting to source blog traffic. With a high daily visits of the active users, Facebook is a medium that can not be missed. One way to attract Facebook users visit a blog is to use the Facebook comment box feature.

For wordpress user, you can use the plugin search and typing the keyword "Facebook comment Box to find it. After that you just need to click install. This feature will allow the owner of the Facebook account directly comment on blogs are visited without having to get out of their Facebook account.

Practicality that is the main attraction of the Facebook comment box on a blog. From the blogger, this feature can help increase the number of visits from Facebook. I myself have applied it in the blog. The data showed that the rate of visits Alexa obtained quite stable, ranging from 4% to 6% of the total monthly visits achieved. Although small but the additional amount of traffic is a valuable thing for a blog.

Excellence Facebook Comment Box

Of course just because implementing the Facebook comment box feature alone does not mean that Facebook traffic levels increase. Some of the things I get up ahead of time is to start making fanpage on Facebook and of interaction on Facebook itself.

Facebook comments feature implementation is an attempt to allow visitors to comment on the blog. It is quite effective because of the interaction we get up in the Facebook people will begin to believe in ourselves personally.
Quality of interaction that we wake up, chances are Facebook users became interested in the profile and visit the links that we share information. As a result they will pay a visit to see the information provided.

Visitors generated from the way it has a tendency to comment if the available features of the Facebook comment because basically all visitors have a blog so they prefer this comment feature.

Negative side Facebook Comment Box

Unfortunately, this feature has its drawbacks. The disadvantage is easily create spam with the comment feature. Traffic is important, but if we are filled with spam blogs can certainly be dangerous. So far this is the only weaknesses of this feature.

If you find the Facebook comment box feature that provides an opportunity moderation various comments coming of course it could be a nice alternative for our blog spam can avoid places.

But once again, this moderation facility election also means that you need more time to blog. For a part-time blogger of course extra time needed is not so favorable.

That's why I remove the Facebook comment box feature of my blog. Whether this will have an effect on the percentage of Facebook traffic blog? Only time can answer that.

What is your opinion?

Should we use the Facebook comment box on our blog?

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