The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?

The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?
The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?

Dozens of times I have been asked by readers of Expertlheeman about blogging platform (blogging platform) best to get money from the Internet. Do WordPress or Blogspot? My answer to the question that is usually asked by beginners it is still the same, that is self-hosted WordPress. Why?

Here is my argument.

1. WordPress is Easy to use

As you know, WordPress is composed of two types of self-hosted WordPress (self-hosted) and free WordPress ( Users are prohibited from memonatising blogs (eg put the affiliate link), on the other hand self-hosted WordPress users monetize their blogs free.

Regardless, both are equally easy to use. I experienced this when I just started blogging in mid-2017. My time was blogging using and in less than one day of my blog has become ( because of its features are available without the need for mastery of CSS and HTML.

Three months later I tried Blogspot. My personal blog on the platform is not so-so because I was confused to use it. The factors are my limitations in terms of CSS and HTML that time.

2. Premise

If your blog using WordPress self-hosted, the blog is yours alone. You are free to explore appropriate business you are running (online shops, blogs, news sites, etc.).

Even if you are in suspended by the hosting provider for any reason, you do is download the data base and the specific files of the blog and then move to another hosting provider (domestic or foreign) that fits the needs of your blog.

Another case if your blog using Blogspot. Blogs are not your own because you are riding to the Google-owned blogging platform. Once you violate the TOS Blogspot, your blog will be deleted.

Case occurred two days ago, happened to one of my friends.
Blogs that produce an average of 1 million a month on PPC program Click was deleted by the manager of Blogspot.

3. Laris Manis Sale

Self-hosted WordPress blog hard sell if sold. Why? Apart from the income factor, WordPress is the platform most used by bloggers or webmasters. If they buy a WordPress blog, they will be easier to manage.

Do not believe? Please visit Flipp and see blogs that has been sold there. Almost all of the WordPress blog!


If you want to earn money from the internet, you can use the Blogspot. However, if you want to get a LOT of money on the internet, I recommend you to use WordPress self-hosted.

What do you think? Please inform us in the comments section below.

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