The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

The great achievement sometimes stems from big dreams that were followed up with concrete action. As a blogger, I have the biggest dream is to become a full timeblogger (earn a living from blogging activities).

Currently I am still as part timeblogger because my main job as an employee of a foreign company. Smoke kitchen and household use me now financed from monthly salary as an employee.


Why do i want to be a full timeblogger? Did I give thanks to the current situation? All because of choices that I am happy and proud to be a blogger.

I love being able hobby bloggers for writing, interacting with other bloggers, experimenting, and making money. Pleasure this makes me tired to blog.

I am also proud to be a blogger for bloggers is a profession that combines a variety of capabilities, ranging from writing, communication, research, psychological, danmarketing. Therefore, the blogger is a respectable profession.

Moreover, by becoming a full timeblogger, I could live in a big city (for example in Jakarta, Bandung or Bogor) so internet access and access to networking is not an obstacle anymore.

This time I stayed in a corner so I find it hard obtaining a fast internet connection and also difficult to attend meetings with famous blogger (such as Pesta Blogger).


In the next 4 years. The main consideration is keluarga.Saat I have a wife and a dependent child (God willing in the next 3 months I became the father of two children). They still need the extra costs that I can not cover it with money from blogging activities.

How do I make this happen?

I have a plan of action and realize the dream of becoming a full time blogger. The action is being carried out are:

1. Optimizing revenue from Google Adsense. Currently income from Google Adsense still à ¢ Å "pant-ngosanà ¢ â,¬ so had not come to Western Union to dilute earnings.

2. Trying affiliates. I was experimenting with the affiliate program of Clickbank and Amazon in some of my mini blog.

Say the above activities consistently resulting in thousands of dollars each month. I have a plan like this:

1. Write an ebook about the success of Google Adsense and selling them.

2. Establish a paid online training to help those who want to succeed in the path of blogging and other online businesses.

Will I succeed?

I am optimistic work. However, I was only trying and praying. Results of course I leave it to Allah.


It was a relief I can finish this post glow. What I say is not mean to show off or overbearing, but only stories from a blogger who is being stepped toward what he wanted.

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