Things You Need to do Principally When You Open New Blog

5 Things You Need to do Principally When You Open New Blog

I remember when i started blogging in Expert Lheeman on 2017. Alexa Rank and tens of millions of visitors per day is 10 people uncomfortable conditions as well as a challenge I had time. If you are in a condition like that, I recommend you to do the following five main points. Five things based on my experience when this blog whole corn.

1. Write posts that are useful for visitors

This helpful definitions can vary, depending on the topic of your blog. For example, if you topical humor blog, create blog posts that visitors make you laugh.


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2. Create your blog brand

Brand (brand) blog is a message that is unspeakable. Blogs which have good brand will be easily remembered readers. For example, Blogguebo. People will remember that this blog is a blog that discuss tips to make money with blogs. So make your blog brand unique and easily remembered by the reader.

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3. Has networking with other bloggers

When you start blogging, you probably do not know many other bloggers. Begin acquainted with them, for example, leave a comment on another blog, link exchange, and so on.

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4. Create guest posts for other blogs.
This is a very effective way to introduce your blog to other bloggers and attract new visitors. If your blog is 10-20 visitors per day, start making a guest post for a blog that visitors setopik 100-200 visitors per day.


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5. Experiment and evaluation of results.

Try the technique of writing different writing types of postings are different (reference: 17 Type Postings Eligible You Create), imitated the style of writing another blogger, tried SEO, hook visitors from social bookmarking sites (Traffic News, Infogue, Digg, and others) , promoted on social networking sites (FaceBook).
Do not forget to evaluate the results, so you know which one is best for your blog.

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