Ways on How to Become an Authority Blogger In Your Niche Skills

Ways on How to Become an Authority Blogger In Your Niche Skills
Ways on How to Become an Authority Blogger in Your Niche Skills

Being a blogger authority is the best way to achieve long-term benefits, both in terms of financial and personal. The problem is, many people are hesitant or do not understand how to become a blogger authority. If you have that problem, two ways below could be one solution.

1. Write what you are good at

Being a blogger authority is not as difficult as you might think as long as you master the topic you are discussing. Why? This is because you will understand what you write. Thus, your posts will contain facts or data and making it beneficial for your blog readers.


If you are a doctor and make health blog, you become a blogger authority because you know a lot about health and study it in college.

If you are a student of Physics and create a blog that discuss about physics, you are a blogger authority. Just as the doctor above example, you know the topic of Physics because you are more familiar than others who did not wrestle Physics.

What if you are not going to college?

Do not worry because you can also become a blogger authority as long as you have the experience and expertise in certain fields. For example, if you are a car repair shop worker and you create a blog about cars, you also includes blogger authority because you have skills in that field.

Another example, if you have Photoshop skills and discuss tips about Photoshop, you are an authority blogger also because you know a lot about the program.

Not to know what your skills? If yes, try to answer one of the questions below:

*. What is your current profession?

*. Whta is it with what you asked for help by your friends?

*. What problems have you accomplish in everyday life?


Your profession is an accountant now. If you want to become a blogger authority, you have to create a blog that discuss about accounting. Your writing will be in the form of a guide to document income and expenditures, pay taxes, cash flow (cash flows), and so on.

2. Select the topic you want to master

Still do not know what your skills? If your answer is yes, you can still be a blogger authorities as well.

How to create a blog and discuss the field you want to master. In other words, you want an expert in that field.

This way I do when making Expertlheeman in a while ago. At that time, I did not understand blogging tips and technical matters such as domain, hosting, and CSS. These things I have learned so eventually I mastered it. The result? Expertlheeman contains tips on blogging which is my style.

Another example is when I learned to make Tips lheeman.blogspot.com. I created the blog because I want to master the Music niche to support my profession as a full time blogger.

All I did was to study one by one on Music Niche from ebooks I bought and references from the Internet. Once I understood the material (eg, Music Dealing tips), I then wrote my version of such material in Expertlheeman. And so on.

One thing you should keep in mind if you do it this way is a learning curve: Your skills will increase with the increase of time. In other words, you have to wait for an expert in a particular field requires a short time. You also have to be patient because it may be the money you earn from your blog does not match expectations.

Otherwise, you may give up and think that there is no point in being a blogger authority. You may also switch to another method that promises rich in an instant.


If you choose to become a blogger authorities in the Indonesian language blog, you do not hesitate to achieve it. You have the right to become a blogger authority, no matter how much scorn for you and no matter who you are now. That need is the act so that you become an authority blogger.

What is your opinion?

Anyway, Thanks for Reading : Ways on How to Become an Authority Blogger in Your Niche Skills


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