21 Ways on How to Increase Blog Website Visitors & Traffics

How To Increase Your Blog Vistors And Traffics

How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

Sure Ways on How to Increase Your Blog Website Genuine Visitors and Traffics

How to Increase Number of Blog Visitors (Traffic, Pageviews).

Your BLOG is lonely reader? Below ExpertLheeman share and sync on how to increase the number of visitors or blog readers Daily Dream Tips version.
In essence, focus on Content or Content Blog quality - own writing, it takes a lot of people, and polish with basic SEO techniques.

ExpertLheeman version, How to Increase the number of Visitors Blog there are two, namely using seo friendly template (responsive & fast loading) and create Quality Content in accordance with Google guides.

Content is KING. The content or blog post is king, the determinant of blogging success. Choose a niche blog in accordance with your passion alias talents and interests. Do not force to write content that you do not master, especially most COPAS from other blogs with edit here and there become as if your own.

Better blogger speak other Languages, translate, and add with your own words and thoughts, as this post. Do not forget to mention the source if you do not want to deal with Google's DMCA for copyright infringement that could get your blog banned or deleted.

6 Ways to Increase Blog Visitor Count.

Write the Best Content

You WILL NOT be successful in blogging without good content.

2. Allow Email Subscribe - Subscriptions via Email

Create subscription form posts via email so that users can follow your blog content updates via email inbox. Perhaps many are not interested in subscribing via email, but many are also interested!

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3. Build Relationships with Other Bloggers
Connect with other bloggers. We know it as a "way to blog people" (blogwalking).

Comment on their blog and leave a link to your profile or blog. A good blogger is a blogger who does not stingy comments on other blogs. Many blog visitors to ExpertLheeman Blogger from the results of comments on other blogs.

4. Write on Other Blogs and Receive Other Blogger Posts as well.
This is known as Guest Post - guest post. You write for another blogger, or your blog receives another blogger's posts.

By the way ... ExpertLheeman Blogger is also ready to become a Guest Author and ready to accept your writing (as long as the original yes, not Copas, and not yet posted on your blog :))

5. Do not Just Think About SEO!
SEO is important, but to increase the number of blog visitors is not enough just with SEO techniques. Many blogs are "not wrecked", can perched in the first position of Google. That's because of quality content, great writing and searchable people!

6 .... But Learn Basic SEO
Although SEO is not everything to increase the number of blog visitors, but really need brain- tweaking SEO Blog, at least the basics, such as using keywords in the title and create many links between blog pages.

EXPERTLHEEMAN version of mah, the basic SEO is mainly:
1. Use SEO Friendly Blog Templates

2. Use SEO Friendly Meta Tags

3. Write Quality Content

4. Make internal and external links.

5. Frequent gathering with other bloggers!

SEO Tips from Google to Raise Number of Blog Visitors

Well, if this is SEO tips directly from the Google Team itself.

1. Do something nice: Be sure your website stands out from the competition.

2. Include relevant words in your copy: Try to put yourself in the shoes of searchers.

3. Be smart about your tags and site architecture.

4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools to get notified by Google if anything is wrong.

5. Attract buzz: Natural links, 1s, likes, follows - all these can help.

6. Stay fresh and relevant: Keep content up-to-date on your site to keep receiving organic traffic.

Similarly How to Increase Number of Blog Visitors.
How To Increase Your Number of Visitors Blog Version ...?

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