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How to Start Automatically Sharing Of Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Within A Minute

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SHARE updates of blog posts to social media Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are part of SEO Tips, known as "SEO Social Media".

Social media proved effective to increase the number of blog visitors (traffic). Social Media also became one of the three pillars of SEO, in addition to Content and Links.

This time ExpertLheeman will shared about how to share automatic blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Share Automatically to Facebook

How to automatically share a blog post to Facebook is very easy. How? create an account in Networkedblogs and register your blog there.

After successfully creating an account, click on the menu "Register New Blog" and "Syndication". Make the settings as requested or fill in the form provided there.

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Once everything is complete, we can share our blog post automatically to Facebook and Twitter. Can be to personal accounts, page, and Facebook groups at once.

Perhaps because of "sell well", NetworkedBlogs can no longer accept new blog registrations. Instead and it could be better, we can use Dlvr It. helps publishers deliver their content to the social web, including twitter and facebook.

Share Automatically to Twitter

Share blog post automatically to twitter already at once too 'can share to Facebook via Networkedblog. Can also automatically share to Twitter via FeedBurner account.
How to create an account in FeedBurner and register our blog there. Insert blog feeds with formats, for example, and click NEXT and so on.

If it is successful, there will be menu "Socialize" and "Publicize". Enter your twitter account, then every blog update, post will automatically appear in your twitter account.

After entering a Twitter account that will share automatically to, please open your Twitter account and link with Facebook, so posts that appear on Twitter automatically also appear on Facebook.

Share Automatically to Google Plus

Google Plus has become Google's first choice in ranking blogs. That's because Google Plus is Google's social media. Naturally if "existing", as he managed blogspot blog rather than wordpress.

Well, to automatically share to Google Plus, first of all we must have a Google Plus account. Which blog account is still a "Blogger Profile", please change (upgrade) to Google Plus.

After that, in the Blogger Dashboard there is click "Settings" then click menu "Posts, Comments, and Sharing". To auto share to Google Plus please setting at the bottom menu, with Share to Google.

Setting Google Authorship

It will be more stable if we also set Google Authorship, the proof of ownership of the blog. Google really likes if a blog is clearly the owner, that is the same as Google Plus account.

How, please read the guide on Google Authorship. Locate a code like this, which is stored under the code :

In addition, ExpertLheeman also includes a Google Plus account link for "Posted by ..." For example, click "Post by ExpertLheeman Blogger" under the heading of this post.

It's been long ago Google deleted Google Authorship. In fact, recently Google Publisher disappeared in Google Structured Data Testing Tools. I think Google is increasingly focusing on Quality Contents. Content is King!

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