How to Create Sitemap For Blogger With Google Sitemap

How to Make Google to Index Your New Blog & Website Quickly
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How to Create a Simple Sitemap For Blogger (Blogspot) With Google Sitemap

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How to Make Sitemap For Blogspot - Actually without you realize if you want your article quickly indexed by google then you need to create a sitemap for your blog. There are many ways to create a site map from the one in your template to a very simple one. Here I will only explain how to create a sitemap for your blog and submit to Google webmaster.

As has been said before sitemap helps in making your articles indexed very quickly. In addition, you can submit sitemap on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any webmaster tools, please read on How to use webmaster tools by KarlExpert.Com

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The problem is that many are confused and do not know what the sitemap looks like, for blog users of the Blogspot platform to create a sitemap quite easily. I will surely explain the settings of sitemap for blogspot.

For example your Homepage blog is "", then your sitemap or blog site map is "". So you just add "feeds/posts/default?Max_results=400". And sitemap or blog map of your site is slexed.

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Now you just need to submit sitemap on google webmaster. How to ? Then read on How to register on google webmaster tools || KarlExpert.Com

How? Make it easy ... now your blog already has a sitemap and hopefully your article quickly indexed by google. Then read on How to Register For Google Analytics and Install Verification Codes On Your Site!!!

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