How to Install Alexa Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

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How to Install Alexa Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Browser

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Install Alexa Toolbar in Mozilla firefox and Chrome - Function to lower your alexa pagerank, because the alexa valuation is by using toolbar installed in every broswer every internet user. Even if you open your blog by installing alexa toolbar before then it is included into the calculation of alexa, so if you are an active blogger almost every day to open your blog then it is not impossible in a month your blog is already in position one million downward.
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So very loss if you do not install alexa toolbar.

This time I will explain how to install alexa toolbar on firefox and chrome

Installing Alexa Toolbar In Firefox

1. Go to the Alexa Toolbar page, click the Alexa Toolbar install button
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2. Because alexa Toolbar is a type of Add-Ons then do as you install odd-ons.

3. Please click Allow if you were asked to install alexa software in your computer.

4. Wait until the download is complete and click install.
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5. After the installation is complete with pop-up then click the restart button.

6. After restart was successful then Alexa toolbar is already installed.

Installing Alexa Toolbar In Chrome

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1. Go to the page.

2. Click "Install Alexa Extentions"

3. Click the "Add to Chrome" then Click "Add"

4. Wait until the download is complete, and a new page will appear
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5. Click "Accept and Enable"

6. You will be asked to fill some data, if not willing please click "No, Thank's"

7. Later Alexa Toolbar will appear on your browser brothers Google Chrome brother in the top right.
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Now you have installed Alexa toolbar so take advantage of this opportunity to lower your blog alexa rank and do not forget also LIST BLOG ON ALEXA.

Hopefully useful and can help us all.
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