How to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate by Changing Font Size

How to Reduce Your Blog and Website Bounce Rate

Ways on How to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate by Changing Font Size

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CHANGE the font-size of your blog becomes larger in order to reduce Bounce Rate that affects PageView and PageRank of blog. That's advice Daily Blog Tips in Reducing Your Bounce Rate In One Second.

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On that suggestion, EXPERT LHEEMAN changed the size of the post body with single letter to 14px, larger than before, as well as changing the font, from Tahoma, Arial, and now Droid Sans.

Why 14px and Arial? Simple course, ExpertLheeman "Bloggy" Wikipedia which also change the size and type of letters to Arial 14px. The "leading" news sites in the world also mostly use Arial 14px. Just look at CNN and BBC for example.

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Can letters be the cause of Bounce Rateblog? The answer, according to Daily Blog Tips, is YES. "There are many cases where you can reduce the bounce rate, and increase the font size works on most situations," he wrote.

"Consider also the age of visitors who are getting older so that more and more people who need a large letter and comfortable to look at - not make eyes tired," he added.

Could be, because the size of the letters on our blog is too small, visitors hurry to close our blog and click the back button on Google. They are looking for other blogs that have larger font size and are easy to read (scan-scanned).

Just glance at the blog, then quickly close it and go back to Google's search results index, that's called Bounce Rate.
Google says, many factors cause this "bounce rate", one of which is the design (site design) or usability issues.

There are a number of factors that contribute to your bounce rate. For example, visitors may leave your site from the sign-in page if there is a problem with site design or usability issues. Alternatively, visitors may also exit the site after viewing a single page if they find the information they need to be on the page and find it unnecessary or uninterested to visit another page.

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Clear ...? Let's take a small step that can have this big impact. Trivial, just changing the size of the letters doang, but can be "worth SEO"!

We can also "reflect" on news sites such as Republika Online,,, or that use the capital letters, namely Arial 14px, in single-post it. The leading news sites,, use the letters Arial 13px.

Do not forget to choose "Web Safe" fonts or good letters for blogs like Arial, Helvetica and Tahoma, or use Google Fonts.

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