Two Easy Ways to Withdraw Earnings From Youtube Adsense

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Sure Two Easy Ways On How to Withdraw Your Earnings From Your Youtube Adsense Account

How to Start Making Money from Youtube Videos with Monetization & AdSense

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Looking for revenue from Youtube is not unusual and difficult, especially in terms of monetization. Youtube which is also a product from Google can be linked with Adsense for every view and click on your adsense ads worth the money. For those of you who are reading this article I am sure already wrestle the field of Youtube Adsense, if any one is not possible is looking for references about What is Youtube Adsense.

We are not talking about how to make money from youtube again but about how to withdraw money from Youtube Adsense earnings.

Actually there are several ways you can do to be able to withdraw your income. I am currently using the Western Union Method. In addition to Western Union there is also Method Wire Transfer (Interbank Transfer) and Check.

Well, I share my experience that I used wire transfer method too but now prefer to use Western Union because I can directly see the results of the money and then direct the deposit to the Bank (I am the type of people who diligently to the Bank) with western union also I can directly Divide my income into several posts/parts as needed one of them for the cost of meals and savings.

How to Withdraw Money From Youtube Adsense
Table of Contents

We will discuss about how to withdraw income from Youtube Adsense. Just go straight to the material yes.

1). Unfreeze Youtube Adsense Earnings Via Western Union

For this way may have been much discussed by the publisher of youtube adsense and adsense on the Internet. Briefly I discussed it. Please note:

I assume that you currently have no Western Union MTCN which is an important requirement to withdraw earnings from Google adsense. Another requirement is a copy of your ID card 2 sheets. Well, If all is ready and we go straight to the scene:

1. Go to the post office and request for Western Union shipment collection form at the teller or guard.

2. Fill out the form according to your personal data in the ID card and of course the same as the one in your Google Adsense account.

3. In the Western Union Retrieval form the Costumer ID section is at the top of that content with no MTCN you get from Google Payment.

4. After your complete data contents, please wait for queue when queuing and submit the form along with 2 make a copy of ID card that you have prepared.

5. Wait a few minutes then you will be asked to sign the acceptance form that has been printed and welcome your income.

2). How to Withdraw Youtube Income Through Bank

How to withdraw youtube adsense earnings next is through Bank Account. With this method you will be able to save time without having to go to Western Union to wait and withdraw your income, but later earning you get will automatically enter as account balance in your savings. The dollar currency sent by Google will automatically convert the bank into Native following the current exchange rate.

To use this method is very easy:

1. Login into your Google Adsense account

2. View the left menu bar select Settings --> Payment --> Add Bank Account.

3. Enter the required data such as account holder, account number, Swift Code Bank, bank name and so forth

4. After all filled properly please Save.

5. Later when delivery of Google Adsense payments you will immediately receive income in your account.

You can choose which one is best and according to which can make you comfortable. For me, taking youtube revenue through Western Union and Bank Account is the same depending on who does it. Thanks from me, apologize for any errors in the tutorial, word errors and more in this article. I apologize. Thank you for reading this article and do not forget to read other articles ya buddy.

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