Ways on How to Apply Website to Alexa & Alexa to Blog Easily

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How to Add Alexa Rank Widget on Blog to Increase your Web Rank

Ways on How to Apply, Register or Submit Your Blog/Website to Alexa and Alexa to your Blog Easily Without Being Stressed

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How To Register Blog To Alexa - Many bloggers who do not know how to register their blog to alexa, they know how to install Alexa Toolbar only. But do you know all we need to register our blog to Alexa for assessment of our blog more accurate, because our blog data will be in alexa data base.

The advantage of registering our blog to alexa is to accelerate the decrease of alexa rank from our blog that we've INSTALLED WITH ALEXA TOOLBAR then the faster our alexa rank down or smaller.
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How to Claim Website/Blog on Alexa.

1. Visit www.alexa.com/siteowners/claim page.

2. Enter your blog url on the space given and click "Claim Your Site"

3. You are asked to select the package, please click the "FREE"

How To Register Blog To Alexa

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4. You will be asked to verify your blog and there are two ways given. Choose the second way because it's easier.

5. Open your template, Copy-paste the code just under the code and then click save.

6. Go back to the verification page and hit the "Verify my ID" button (if you do it correctly it will look lit)

How To Register Blog To Alexa

7. Click next
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8. please fill the form given according to your blog details, such as - Url, Logo (not free), Blog Title and Description.

9. After everything is done please click save. So your blog has been registered in alexa and hopefully your alexa ranking will quickly boosted. That's the first I can explain hopefully helpful and can help.
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