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Hmmm... Welcome to my Profile web page where you will definitely know 80% about me

Right here, am going to share "My info, historical past, My Professions and often what i absolutely likes doing"

thanks for being concerned to understand extra about Me - this is so inspiring that am sharing my snap shot (historical past) with you guys.... keep reading, you may be influenced with the aid of my stories

Birthically, My name is Bello Lukman as my birth name.

But i was more often called Lheeman that is my on-line name that makes me named my blog as Expert Lheeman

i am a partial Nigerian/Indonesian hailed citizen who cared commonly approximative on his profession..... Ouch.. Are you burdened whilst you heard that i am citizen of two distinct countries ??

then you definately should have understand that am announcing it for actual.

I was birthed in Ilorin, Kwara kingdom in Nigeria and i lived there for the primary 6 years of my existence earlier than i was given to certainly one of my uncle who lives in Indonesia - where i stayed with him for a terrific 6years before i used to be taken again to Nigeria where i began building my own community cheat's website on wapka in 2015 which i later realised that i cannot manage to live on with it because i ain't addicted to it, so i need to circulate to wordpress.com wherein i used to be later blocked because of copywright contents.

As for that point i used to be discouraged but i nonetheless ought to preserve on transferring with my internet career wherein i later created a blog on blogspot in 2016 whose name was lheeman.blogspot.com and i commenced jogging it with non forestall musics before i realised that i need to organise a tutoring Blog in february 2017 where i first of all started out with blogspot subdomain which i later bought a third party domain whose name is www.expertlheeman.xyz wherein i commenced sharing my knowledge approximately the whole thing that pass my mind as of that moment when am prepared for new posts about "everything regarding the ways on How To" in particular "How to blog ?"

i'm fond of sharing my enjoy with individuals who intend to listen carefully to it - part of those matters i really like sharing are How to blog, Make money on line pointers, Freelancing, enterprise guidelines, the way to perform a little things, Enlightening Wapmaster's trouble and plenty greater you would come accross whilst flexing thru my weblog

Then, i would describe myself as a person who is sincere, being concerned, sensible, hardworking, and bold. i've a brilliant experience of humour. i'm an easy going character & don't get easily disturbed through down's in my life. i'm a non secular character & have an amazing library of exceptional spiritual books. I also revel in journeying, watching movies, going out for dinner, and also, i like taking note of musics maximum in particular in relation to "Erigga New money know as (Paper Boi)'s Musics", and having excellent intellectual conversations!

if you want to be in contact with me then you touch me via:

Mobile : 234 814 847 257 5

Email : Mrlheeman@gmail.com

Twitter : @ExpertLheeman



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