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Nairaspin Review - Scam, Trusted or Legit? Online Game Betting Spinner

Win Millions In Cash & Prizes When You Play Nairaspin Game ||

Naira Spin Ads Logo
Read On : Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Makinde Azeez

NairaSpin.Com Review - Scam, Trusted or Legit? Official Online Game Betting Spinner - Try Your luck and also you Shall Win

How did get a agree with rating of fifty seven 57% ?

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whilst checking we checked out many elements, which includes the ownership info, vicinity, reputation and other sites regarding reviews, threats, phishing etc. even though a site like this could have a excessive trust rating, it is well worth simply checking the countries concerned as these ought to indicate that goods would be shipped from overseas in place of your home - united states.

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The internet is populated with many faux and scam sites - with many being created daily in simple terms to appearance genuine. Even many evaluation sites are tainted with fake evaluations making it almost impossible for somedbody to discover a secure web page from a scam. we try to examine the website information and provide a consider manual to help you decide the threat rating of

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As we've got stated earlier that NairaSpin.Com is one of Official Online game betting website online which delivered over 20million per month to its participant... So, there may be no fearing whilst gambling with NairaSpin.Com as they're absolutely 100% professionally Trustworthed.
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Expert Lheeman

Win Millions In Cash & Prizes When You Play Nairaspin Game ||

Naira Spin Ads Logo
How to Advertise with Without Stress

Win Millions In Cash & Prizes When You Play Nairaspin Game || ---- Win 1 Million Naira In Cash And Prizes Like Laptop And Iphone 6 When You Play “Naira Spin Game” ||

Before proceeding, please read on : Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Makinde Azeez
This post was firstly published by incase you ain't know.

Instead of wasting time in predicting football matches and wasting your money on Aja (Tour Runner) 4 that might never gbera (Carry Emself Comot From Ground)

Making money has now become so so so easy… All you need to do is just spin the wheel of fortune on

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Make cool cash with just a click

Soo many people have won with their goodluck #ShiningBobby

Olanrewaju Ayobami’s 1 million naira cheque.
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Week 7 Iphone 6 winner

Muyiwa Bamidele

Another Iphone6 won by Samuel Idolor

Week 1-10 laptop winners

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Winners don’t Quit.. Quitters don’t Spin….

What are you waiting for? Visit now to win amazing prices!!
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Expert Lheeman

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Noble Igwe

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Noble Igwe

This is the actual infos concerning the Biography, Contacts and All you would possibly wish to understand about Owner Profile - Noble Igwe as the Proprietor

www.360Nobs.Com became confirmed to be owned through privacy preferrer called


who alternatively desired retaining his privacy round himself that is all okay due to his online trustworthiness he has won without being absolutely regarded.
Examine Also: Biography, Contacts and All About owner - Tyler Duncan - Sotubo
360Nobs.Com is stated to be receiving at much less 10million pageviews/month because the studies made was found out. So, advertising with them is said to be profittible and big than what your expectaion might be.

How do you be in touch with Noble Igwe of 360Nobs.Com ?

Did you purchased something to tell 360Nobs.Com or bring their interest to something on their web site, then e-mail them at

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Need to market it with them ?? then e-mail them at

and you'll simply have a talk with the confirmed owner of (Noble Igwe).

Did you have got any facts to proportion like articles, musics, funny pictures and others then post it with them at

Study Also: Biography, Contacts and All You Need to Know About owner Profile - Makinde Azeez

Expert Lheeman

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Makinde Azeez

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Makinde Azeez

This Page Consists of Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Makinde Azeez Net Worth

If you are intersested in knowing much about Azeez Makinde of NaijaLoaded.Com.Ng then, you are to reach out to All About Owner, CEO Makinde Azeez

But apparently, you can advetise your products, services and website with them.... Ouch: It seems you need to know much about their advertising panel ?? Then reach out to it at How to Advertise on Without Stress

GoOd LuCk

Expert Lheeman

Simple Ways on How To Learn HTML and CSS Code

Simple Ways on How To Learn HTML and CSS Code

This post is the fifth part of Phase Blog posts I beamed. If you have not read the previous section, please refer to part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 on the search box.

One of the advantages is the and than I can edit HTML and CSS theme i used. Thus, I can modify my blog theme so impressed by the unique (different from other blogs).

By definition, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the basic language of the internet is used to describe the structure of text and other media in a website or blog. The CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language of the Internet that is used to make type and format web page or blog.

Unfortunately, because it does not have basic information technology, I was initially a headache and did not understand with CSS and HTML. However, with the continuous learning process, I gradually understood the language of the Internet.

This learning process begins from Abi Umar owner Beginner Blogger. Blogger Sorowako which incidentally is my co-workers have a lot to teach me about CSS and HTML. I still remember how he guides me to modify the theme Prosense of three columns into two columns.

In addition, it also provides insight into how to increase the sidebar below, insert logos, modify the header, and so forth. Everything was helping me so I often call or blogging together to solve the problem of CSS and HTML that I face.

Do not want to depend on others, I was trying to understand CSS and HTML autodidact. I'm tinkering with the existing CSS and see the results. Sometimes I also see and adapt the CSS darithemelain that no other theme I use.

This activity is really exciting and often leads to mistakes. However, behind this mistake, I would find out and eventually begin to understand CSS and HTML.

I also often learn on your site or blog that discusses CSS and HTML. Among others are:


This site has many tutorials about HTML and CSS. The tutorial is free, easy to understand, and also accompanied by case studies.


The advantages of this site is to have 15 basic lessons about HTML and CSS. Obviously this is very helpful for those who really do not understand at all about HTML and CSS.

I believe there are still many websites or blogs that discuss similar topics above two sites. However, for those who want to learn HTML and CSS, you'll want to visit both sites to see and study the existing content.

That bit of my story to learn HTML and CSS. In my next post a story about how I promote my blog in 3 months pertamasehingga piecemeal traffic and RSS subscribers to this blog grow.

Thanks for Reading ; Simple Ways on How To Learn HTML and CSS Code

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner - Tyler Duncan-Sotubo

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner - Tyler Duncan-Sotubo

That is all approximately the Biography, Contacts form and All You want to know About owner - CEO: Tyler Duncan-Sotubo

NOTE: This isn't always reliable internet site owned by we are best sporting out a few invisble information(s) that you can want concerning TooXclusive.Com

About/Biography of

TooXclusive.Com Is an internet web hosting that specialized on the idea of Musics & Videos which has been existing due to the fact some thing around 2010, they have got built a relied on celebration inside the music blog niche. turned into owned by way of "Tyler Duncan-Sotubo" who kept his prvacy to himself.

Ways on How to contact owner specializes itself within the online promotional aspect of upcoming urban releases. they've established theirselves in the on-line network, so that you can provide musicians, record labels, and bosses their continuous experience, abilities, and knowledge that they've in the digital realm of tune marketing. Their advertising and marketing campaigns use strategic strategies which might be set in area to successfully maximize publicity, construct logo focus, in addition to developing a grassroots movement.

What can TooXclusive.Com do for you?

*. Function your songs on their web page (presently getting Over 3,000,000 hits worldwide a month, and growing )

*. Get your very own artist profile page on their website

*. Distribute your songs to more than one and Social Networks

*. News and Press Releases.

So, whats the price for all this? Not anything, its a free carrier

You may send them a message on



send them a mail to


Sadly, they can't just sell all people, all artists that ship in substances go through a strict approval technique wherein some of their team evaluate your lyrics, vocals and best. Its the ones factors that determine whether or not they'll sell you or now not. in case you are disapproved this doesn’t suggest you are not appropriate enough, its simply that they feel that your work wishes development before they can sell you.


If you want to make a complaint approximately any in their on-line services or if you suppose your or someone else’s highbrow assets or other rights have been infringed with the aid of their on-line offerings you can do so by submitting full information through sending them email to


Expert Lheeman

Ways on How to Increase Your Blog Visitors in 7 Simple Steps

Ways on How to Increase Your  Blog Visitors in 7 Simple Steps
Ways on How to Increase Your Blog Visitors in 7 Simple Steps

You probably know that visitors (also called traffic) determine the success of your blog. The more visitors, the more successful your blog which is characterized by increasing income or increasing the number of customers. Unfortunately, your blog visitors are not changed or tended to decrease from day to day even if you are diligent publish posts.

Rather than stress thinking about the condition, the better you perform the following seven simple steps.

1. Evaluate the blog pace

Evaluate the speed of your blog in Pingdom Website Speed Test. If the time for fast access, you can move to the next way. Otherwise, find the cause. If hosting the cause, move your blog to another hosting provider so that your blog more quickly opened.

Please note, the speed of your blog influence on your blog rank in Google search results. Why? Since Google to enter the speed-websitese blog like one of the factors in the ranking algorithm.

2. Make quality posts

The best way to increase traffic is to create quality posts. If you think it's hard, throw away the presumption. You can easily create quality posts from your experience.


If you are a blogger who explore topics of personal development, you can make a post about kesuseksan you manage your time. If you still have problems with time management (eg to delay the work), you can also make a post about the reasons people procrastinate. The reasons are discussed in the post they are causing you to procrastinate. Not complicated, right?

3. Creating an interesting post title

Quality posts you must have a title (headline) of interest. The more appealing the title, the more curious people to read it.
Otherwise, your quality post will be viewless because no one reads.

The good news is that you do not have long title to make it interesting because it has many contents inside. For example, 52 Headline Hacks gist written by Jon Morrow, a blogger who is experienced in the field of copywriting. Visit his blog, Jon Boost Blog Traffic to download the ebook outstanding.

4. Targeting long tail keywords

You do not get visitors from large keyword monthly search? If yes, change your strategy by targeting key words with a long tail (long tail keywords). The key word is characterized by having three syllables or more with a monthly searches are not many (eg search 100-500). To look for it, you can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

By targeting long tail keywords (LTK), the chances of your blog entry 1st page of Google is greater. Why? Because usually LTK not ogled by bloggers great that competition is low on page 1 of Google.

Visitors who come from LTK is not much. However, if you're targeting a lot of LTK, the result will be great. As the saying goes, bit by bit long into the hills.

5. Interact with visitors

You also need to interact with visitors if your blog various authority blogs. How to reply to a comment or email from visitors.
Otherwise, the visitors will be disappointed so it is not impossible that they no longer want to visit your blog. Impact, your blog visitors reduced.

6. Using social media
Be active in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Update your status on both the social media to inform your postings. The more posts that you are informed, the more of your friends to visit your blog. In addition, this activity will help you diversify its sources of visitors, so do not just rely on search engines.

7. Comment on other people's blogs with good

The final step is to comment on other people's blogs that set up well. Their goal was to attract the attention of the owner and the blog visitors to visit your blog.
In addition, this activity will increase the number of backlinks to your blog, both DoFollow and Nofollow.

By knowing the seven ways above, you do not need the stress or wonder to many people about how to increase your blog visitors.
All you need is to do all (or some) of the above consistently so that sooner or later your blog visitors increase alot.Trust me, it works!

Moreover, did you know another simple ways that will increase visitors to a blog?
Then please drop it in the comment section below.

Thanks for Reading : Ways on How to Increase Your Blog Visitors in 7 Simple Steps

How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months

How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months
How I Promote Expert Lheeman In The First 3 Months

This post is part of the sixth phase of blogging I beamed posts. If you have not read the previous section, please refer to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 in the search box.

I have often heard that content is king. This statement is true, but for a new blog is not enough. Additional efforts are necessary to promote it. Departing from this understanding, I also take the free and paid ways to promote Expertlheeman within the first 3 months.

Free way that I do is:

1. Active in the mailing list
Long before to blogging, I am actively interact with colleagues list all my di mailing. After having Expertlheeman, I was more actively involved in the mailing list.

In these interactions, I inform you the latest postings Expertlheeman, expect colleagues to visit my blog. The result? Fewer visitors are coming because of my posts may not appeal to them.
Number of visitors this makes me introspection with mailing list almamater is not the right vehicle for promotion. In addition to the academic world about the topic, sometimes members are more interested in discussing the news again lively in the mass media and electronic media.

2. Blog walking (BW)

I do BW to the blogs of my friends when blogging on a free blog. Every day I BW to 10-20 blog friends. In addition to the blog friends, I went to the blogs BW famous in Indonesia. I diligently commented on over 10 blogs each day. The result is quite passable raise Expertlheeman traffic.

3. Register posts to Traffic News

When blog on, one of my posts was registered by someone to Traffic News. The post became hot and sent more than 500 visitors.

From this experience, I registered every post Expertlheeman to Traffic News. The result? New posts were written on February 2017, which is 5 Greatest Hits Blogger Women in the World, which becomes hot. For the first time, this blog has reached 800 page views a day.

4. Guest Blogger

I read the invitation to be a guest blogger on Blog guebo, one of Indonesia which is always my blog inspiration. On feb 2017 I start writing.

A day later Medhy Aginta (owner of Blogguebo) agreed and informed that my writing will be published end of the month. I am very happy to know this information.

The excitement I shed with prancing own (like Roger Federer won the Australian Open) in my den. Fortunately, my wife did not see that he was not surprised.

My guest article appeared in the end of July 2009. Unfortunately, the traffic is not as abundant, only about 10 people coming per day from the blog. However, the guest posting an unexpected increase the number of customers from the customer 12 to 30 customers within a week.

5. Resolving work colleague

Every day I use email to communicate with work colleagues. Well, in the signature section, I include a link to your post or home page Expertlheeman.

There are times when I deliberately asking work colleagues for a visit. However, both of the above are not effective because my colleagues do not like blogging.

In addition to complimentary way, I was promoted through paid way, namely:

6. Sponsoring Contest

I am sponsoring a writing contest organized by Nothing Impossible Dinda Ayu Rahmi. This sponsorship form in the form of a dot com domain 5 to the winner 1-5.

Although visitors who come are not encouraging, I'm still happy because Expertlheeman began to be known by other bloggers, at least the participants of the contest.

That's 6 ways that I have taken to promote Expertlheeman within the first 3 months. How about you? What do you do to promote your blog in the first 3 months?

Info: In the next post (post glow this last post) I will write about my biggest dream as a blogger. Do not miss, because who knows my dream is similar to your dreams.

Thanks for Reading : How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Mark Zuckerberg

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Mark Zuckerberg

We are able to offer you the actual Biography, Contacts and All About what you might need to understand concerning owner Profile - Mark Zuckerberg as the proprietor

Facebook.Com become confirmedly owned by Mark Zuckerberg who intend to attach the world together and unite a few scattered nation through his on line application (Social Media). it is clearly known that is freed from rate incase you ain't realize.
Facebook Logo - Blogspot

The facebook web page celebrates how our buddies inspire them, assist them, and help us discover the arena whilst we join.

Facebook Undertaking become founded in the year 2004, facebook’s undertaking is to offer humans the electricity to proportion and make the arena extra open and connected. human beings use facebook to live related with pals and circle of relatives, to discover what’s happening in the world, and to proportion and explicit what topics to them.

Facebook Standard Informations

Your thoughts and recommendations help them to constantly improve facebook’s functions. let them know how they are able to enhance your revel in.

Facebook Every Year History

They turned 12 inside the year of 2016!

greater than 1,213,243,409 people, together

extra Than 1 Billion lively customers

Hacked the NASDAQ Button

Moved to New domestic

Facebook released Like (icon) Button

Facebook was Opened for each person to attach

Some high college students become a part of facebook for it's desirable services

Most of college students join facebook because of its positive Insights.

Facebook.Com Is Proudly Owned by Mark Zuckerberg

Expert Lheeman

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner - Ademola Ogundele

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner - Ademola Ogundele

About NotJustOk.Com

Ways on How to Contact NotJustOk.Com

For track submission please e-mail them on

For advertising opportunities please e-mail to

note: This website isn't officially owned through NOTJUSTOK... we are handiest providing you with some distance on the way to attain out to NotJustOk.Com proprietor.

About NotJustOk.Com Owner

NotJustOk.Com is officially owned by "Ademola Ogundele" (privateness Supported) - NOTJUSTOK is the most beneficial and most visited on-line platform that promises spankin new Nigerian hip-hop/cutting-edge music, videos and track content material day by day to Nigerians by way of exposing extremely good artists and their substances from the short developing Nigerian song enterprise to Nigerians around the international.

NotJustOk.Com become shaped in 2006 and has gradually grown into one of the most visited web sites within the Nigerian communities on line. Voted No.1 Nigerian music website in 2010 and 2011, is on a venture to unfold Nigerian music to all corners of the globe.

Typically, the media platform used to promote and deliver Nigerian song, videos and song content material is the nearby/satellite tv for pc television and radio stations, but brings a unique and sparkling way to Nigerians in and outdoor of the world .. gives a platform wherein Nigerian song enthusiasts around the arena can get admission to, concentrate, flow and supply their opinions on Nigerian song content material everywhere and every time.
Their song content is obtainable at any time to their target audience in all time zones. furthermore, artists locate their platform a beneficial supply of direct comments from their fanatics and a way to gain perception into what their fans respond to.

Similarly to sharing song, Video and other content, additionally conducts interviews with up and coming, promising artistes/manufacturers/directors in the Hype phase, sells digital albums that are generally launched the equal time they're launched physically, gives out 10 free music downloads each month inside the NotJustOk choose-10section and produces a Top Ten Video display each quarter.
In 2009, accrued over 2 million web page views. In 2010, 6 million web page views had been recorded and in 2012, they recorded 29 million pageviews.

Expert Lheeman

How to Advertise with Without Stress

How to Advertise with Without Stress

The ways on how to advertise it With Naijaloded today and be blessed with trusted traffic

NaijaLoaded.Com.Ng offers extensive variety of attractive content material monthly to hundreds of thousands of Nigerians & acquire a median of fifty two Million Pageviews monthly consistent with Google Analytics.
read additionally : All about owner, CEO Makinde Azeez

Naijaloaded has grown constantly through the years with interesting & enticing Contents, They currently have Over 2.5 Million Nigerians Registered on their website [They Stopped Accepting Registration in December 2013].

Advertise on Africa’s biggest online track/Video Platform

If attaining big capacity target market is what you are searching for, Hitting your target is a Childs Play whilst you advertise on Naijaloaded.

They were given the revel in to keep your manufacturers in advance.

Naijaloaded complete Stats

All Stats provided here are based on their Google Analytics Data

1. 3.9 Million traffic month-to-month.

2. Over 52 Million Pageviews [Average Monthly].

3. site visitors from Over one hundred fifty nations.

f4. most visit from Nigeria, UK, United state of america and Ghana.

5. Over 6.8 Million Visits Montly

6. average of 15 mins spent on-line consistent with traffic

7. 350,000 facebook lovers

8. Over 125k+ Twitter followers

9. 80,000 BBM Channel Subscribers

10. Over 3 Million email & cellphone quantity Subscribers

11. average of 60 comments on every submitted posts on Naijaloaded

Numbers don’t lie, you could download Naijaloaded website online Stats underneath..
download Naijaloaded Google Analytics file - Click HERE.

Audience Profile


They presently provide Banner advertisements of those stated class:-

728 x 90 – [Leaderboard]

300 x 250 – [Medium Rectangle]

160 x 600 – [Skyscraper]

300 x 300 [large Rectangle]

300 x 600 [larger Rectangle]

300 x 50 [Mobile Ads Banner]

1280 x 1024 – [Site Background Takeover]

Other types of advert available on Naijaloaded are..

They also offer a few other types of advertisement which include:

textual content ads – A text layout link proven on their mobile web site Pages .

backed post– when you have any Product or Render any services you need the world to realize about? you could get a put up on their internet site.

SMS or e-mail marketing– With Over 2 Million tested Nigerian phone Numbers & email, you can get your ads visible through capacity target market.

For advert charges, contact them with the aid of Sending them Mail to

they may be searching ahead to work with you all –try to be in touch with them today.
Read Also : All about proprietor, CEO Makinde Azeez

You could join us on Twitter as well as on Facebook

For cutting-edge up to date Gists.

Expert Lheeman

AOL's Huffington Blog Post Acquired Worth Rp 2.8 Trillion

AOL's Huffington Blog Post Acquired Worth Rp 2.8 Trillion
AOL's Huffington Blog Post Acquired Worth Rp 2.8 Trillion

If you frequently visit here, may you have read my article about the 5 hottest female bloggers. One blogger Ariana Huffington she was the owner of the blog Huffington Post.
Surprisingly, the most popular political blogs in the United States acquired (purchased) by America Online (AOL). Fantastic price of US $ 315 million or around Rp2.8 trillion, either in cash or in shares.

As reported Vivanews, Arianna Huffington will continue to work for AOL. He will be responsible for overseeing all editorial content from both companies (Huffington Post and AOL), including news, technology, music and local media websites.

Before acquiring the Huffington Post, AOL also acquired last September populerTech technology blog Crunch with an acquisition value of US $ 40 million. TechCrunch owner can read katnya sing profile on Blogger's 10th Best Technology in the World.

The important lesson
From acquisition by AOL, I learned an important lesson that blogs authorities in the field (with millions of unique visitors each month) were expensive and always targeted by investors online. One other example is Darren Rowse photography blogs have it bids for US $ 2 million two years ago, but the owner rejected because the blog is not for sale.

Another important lesson is the current blog is arguably one important asset if managed professionally. The price is not less than offline assets.

So, from now on let us learn to be a professional blogger who runs a blog professionally as well.

Thanks for Reading : AOL's Huffington Blog Post Acquired Worth Rp 2.8 Trillion

Genuine Reasons Why Guest Bloggers Are Highly Profitable In The Class Of Blogger

3 Genuine Reasons Why Guest Bloggers Are Highly Profitable In The Class Of Blogger, How To Become a Successful Blogger, Become Popular With Just A Blog, Easy Steps To Make Money On Blog

This is the first post of my post about topics 3 guest blogger (guest bloggers). The purpose of this post series is to share my experience while a guest blogger on Blogguebo.

Hopefully this little experience useful for those who want to be a guest blogger on the blog in Indonesian language. Or, at least it adds insight for those who currently do not want to be a guest blogger.

Prior to the technical aspects of writing, I think that you should know first guest blogger reason why it is profitable:

1. Benefits for guest bloggers

a) overflow traffic
Usually blogs that provide the opportunity to become a guest blogger is a popular blog with traffic and RSS subscribers awesome. By becoming a guest blogger on the blog, a blogger get a chance to get the overflow traffic from the blog readers.

b) Improving the reputation
By becoming a guest blogger, at least he got the recognition and known more widely by other bloggers.

c) To get quality backlinks
As far as I have observed, a blog that provides space for the guest blogger is berpage rank blogs with a link to the top two berjenisdo follow. Links like these will help your blog rank well in search engines.

d) Establish a network (network) with the blog owner
Networking could be cooperation in the future or even be interviewed.

2. Benefits for the blog owner

The blog owner obtain a free and useful posts, build a community with its readers, providing an opportunity for other bloggers ngetop, and of course acting in a backlink that it provides.

3. Benefits for readers

Readers will gain a different perspective or a different writing style so it does not get bored. This will make them feel at home visit.

That is the third reason why a guest blogger profitable. In the next post I will inform you surefire tips become a guest blogger.

Thank For Reading : 3 Genuine Reasons Why Guest Bloggers Are Highly Profitable In The Class Of Blogger

Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile -

Complete Detail On Biography, Contacts and All About Owner Profile - Hip Hop Loaded (Waploaded.Com) Wap Loaded

Hip Hop Loaded is an online music entertainment blog in respest of foreign music and video which has the qualification of pop entware amongst of its competitors...... More to Come on the details of HipHopLoaded.....

This entertainment blog is in relation with which is yet to be unclosed.... More is coming - #StayTuned.........

All About Owner, CEO Makinde Azeez

All About Owner, CEO Makinde Azeez

All You want To recognise about Naija loaded owner is a Nigeria music entertainment portal handling all form of Musics, videos and information at times which turned into owned by means of Makinde Azeez aka Mankind is the maximum Visited online Platform that can provide warm sparkling Nigerian track, Video, amusement Gist & information content on a every day foundation to Nigerians home and overseas.

over time, Naijaloaded has grown so big to Cater for the evergrowing needs of statistics on the internet, Created in 2009 and ever considering that, It has progressively grown into one of the maximum Visited Nigerian website with over "one hundred and twenty Million" web page perspectives monthly as said by way of Naijaloaded Platform.

Their challenge is to emerge as the quality on-line Portal delivering fresh Nigerian content to Nigerians home & abroad..
Naijaloaded covers nearly all facet of life ranging from tune, Video, Nigerian amusement information, records and Nigerian educational informations.

most of Nigerians locate their Platform beneficial, Thats why they’ve grown so big with organic site visitors…

In 2010, They gained “The quality Nigerian on line Platform” [Just One Year After it was Launched] & In 2013 They received “The best song & Video download internet site” due to the mammoth effect they’ve Created within the entertainment world.

They’re currently Ranked amongst Nigerian top hundred most Visited website, They wish to hold turning in fresh content to all their target audience.

You could hook up with Them On Twitter & on facebook For exclusive Updates.

You may additionally follow Us on Twitter as well as fb for our modern updates notification.

Expert Lheeman

Guidelines Tips On How to Create An SEO Friendly Blog

Guidelines Tips On How to Create An SEO Friendly Blog

Guidelines Tips On How to Create An SEO Friendly Blog

TIPS ON HOW MAKE BLOGS SEO-FRIENDLY - Creating a seo-friendly blog is the dream of many blogger, because of the seo-friendly blog we will get thousands of blog visitors and especially if we want to make money from our blog then high traffic is one way.
Read Also : Ways on How to Edit Blogger Template For Friendly SEO - Blogspot SEO Tips

Creating a seo-friendly blog is not an easy matter, because you must have a seo knowledge that exists from the past until now is never certain knowledge, or always many versions of understanding between one person to another. Not even a few of the bloggers who claim that their seo tricks are the most correct ones.

If I studied seo, then it is really difficult but I try to take the principal or core of any reputable seo master, so in accordance with this blog address "Expert Lheeman" I will try to explain about seo learning with ease and simple but still effective.

Well here are some tips to create a seo friendly blog, please make sure you are ready before you do this tips.
Read Also : Ways on How to Remove a Widget From Blogger Template

1# Master the theme of your blog. Why I put this point as number one is that most bloggers who fail is because they can not master the theme of their blog. Indeed at the beginning they can make an amazing article but within a period of three months I am sure they will be confused or run out of material for their blog. To further explore this point please understand how to choose the best blog theme you can develop your blog bias.

2# Make an original article and not copied. This is an important point in creating a seo-friendly blog, why I say like that? As the saying goes " The Lord Of Blog Is its Contents" without us thinking even though everyone might agree that the article could be a solution or provide solutions to people who need it then the article will be in demand in haste. So that quality articles will get many recommendations.
Therefore if you master the theme of your blog then you will not be confused to create an original article and quality of course.
Please learn how to create good and quality articles if you still do not know the criteria.

3# Onpage Optimization Onpage for search engines to recognize your blog Once you have mastered your theme and articles of quality then all you have to do is make it easier for search engines to browse your blog, so your blog is easily recognizable. Because it is useless if your article is qualified but search engines are not familiar with your blog or blogs you are hard to find then your article will be in vain, so you need to do onpage seo optimization. And you should remember this optimization is only done once on your blog. For that please read about On Page SEO Optimization For Your Blog - SEO Tips.

4# Do offpage SEO optimization This is one of the most difficult seo techniques to do, in seo offpage optimization you must be smart socialize, because the core of offpage optimization is to promote your blog, look for backlinks and goo Alexa Rank. In order not to be confused let's just separate and rate blog promotion by looking for backlinks.

Blog Promotion

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Why do we need blog promotion? Of course for our blog to be famous and known to people. Many ways that you can do bias for blog promotion, from blogwalking start to utilize social media for promotion.

Blogwalking, what you need to do is visit other people's blogs that are new or old and socialize with the blog owner, you can comment and ask for a visit back to the core socialize and make friendship with others. Remember!! Comment politely and in accordance with the discussion of the articles you read, and less to install an active link because many blog owners are not happy if we put an active link on their comments.

Utilizing social media, all you have to do is to promote your blog to your social media friends, you can create a fan page and invite your friends to join or try to participate into groups that still have a link to your blog theme.

Expert Lheeman

Ways on How to Remove a Widget From Blogger Template

How to Remove a Widget From Blogger Template

How do i Delete a Non -Detachable Widget From Blogger Template ?? - Automatical Deletion or removal of Blogger Widget

Rtudy Also : Instruction For seo before starting A New Weblog and Four levels of improvement For Cycle of a Blog

The way to eliminate a Non wanted Widget out of your blogger template

Your blog displayment covered a super impact in increasing your blog visitors, if your weblog does not resembled a expert one then traffic may not be impressed to live longer as predicted on your blog.
Examine additionally : the way to Make cash from Youtube Videos : Monetization & AdSense and How to Install Alexa Rank Widget on blog to boom your web Rank
If you want to supply a an impressive view to your Blog you need to set up the blog Widget in respective space, in order that traffic can get right of entry to your blog without problems. For this at instances you need to cast off some widget or at times you have to encompass some widget to make it users friendly.
Examine also : New hints & tips listing for Google Webmaster tools and Biography, Contacts and All you need to understand about owner Profile - Mark Zuckerberg

This educational is best for those widget which appears to haven't any elimination option

Study the following hints sensitively

1) Go to Blogger and click on layout

2) Then select the Edit option from the widget you in reality wanna take away

3) After that you'll see a pop up window just like the following one
Blogger Blogspot Widget Removal Pop Up Window
Examine also : The way to sign up for Google Analytics and install Codes on blog and How to add a brand new blog/web site into Your Google Analytics
4) Reproduction the widget identity and go to Edit HTML.....Expand Widget template

5) Then press Ctrl+F and look for the widget identity

6) You need to seek until you get a code like the following one
<b:widget id='Widget ID' locked='false' title='Widget title' type='Blog'>Your widget code here</b:widget>
Examine also : A way to add Meta Description and Title In Blogspot Blogger Put Up and Approaches on a way to Edit Blogger Template For friendly seo - Blogspot seo hints

7) Delete the complete codes as it was given in No. 6

8) Then click "Save"

Are you having difficulties with this tutorial ?? - then you definitely contact me via Our About Web Page
Study also : A way to without problems set up Google AdSense advertisements in WordPress and Eight (8) positive approaches on the way to increase your weblog Pageviews

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How to Auto Share Blog Post to Facebook, Twitter & Google+

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus + Featured Logo

How to Start Automatically Sharing Of Blog Posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Within A Minute

21 Sure Ways on How to Increase Your Blog Website Visitors & Traffics

SHARE updates of blog posts to social media Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are part of SEO Tips, known as "SEO Social Media".

Social media proved effective to increase the number of blog visitors (traffic). Social Media also became one of the three pillars of SEO, in addition to Content and Links.

This time ExpertLheeman will shared about how to share automatic blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Share Automatically to Facebook

How to automatically share a blog post to Facebook is very easy. How? create an account in Networkedblogs and register your blog there.

After successfully creating an account, click on the menu "Register New Blog" and "Syndication". Make the settings as requested or fill in the form provided there.

Do not Under estimate Share on Google Plus Blog Postings - Bloggers Advise

Once everything is complete, we can share our blog post automatically to Facebook and Twitter. Can be to personal accounts, page, and Facebook groups at once.

Perhaps because of "sell well", NetworkedBlogs can no longer accept new blog registrations. Instead and it could be better, we can use Dlvr It. helps publishers deliver their content to the social web, including twitter and facebook.

Share Automatically to Twitter

Share blog post automatically to twitter already at once too 'can share to Facebook via Networkedblog. Can also automatically share to Twitter via FeedBurner account.
How to create an account in FeedBurner and register our blog there. Insert blog feeds with formats, for example, and click NEXT and so on.

If it is successful, there will be menu "Socialize" and "Publicize". Enter your twitter account, then every blog update, post will automatically appear in your twitter account.

After entering a Twitter account that will share automatically to, please open your Twitter account and link with Facebook, so posts that appear on Twitter automatically also appear on Facebook.

Share Automatically to Google Plus

Google Plus has become Google's first choice in ranking blogs. That's because Google Plus is Google's social media. Naturally if "existing", as he managed blogspot blog rather than wordpress.

Well, to automatically share to Google Plus, first of all we must have a Google Plus account. Which blog account is still a "Blogger Profile", please change (upgrade) to Google Plus.

After that, in the Blogger Dashboard there is click "Settings" then click menu "Posts, Comments, and Sharing". To auto share to Google Plus please setting at the bottom menu, with Share to Google.

Setting Google Authorship

It will be more stable if we also set Google Authorship, the proof of ownership of the blog. Google really likes if a blog is clearly the owner, that is the same as Google Plus account.

How, please read the guide on Google Authorship. Locate a code like this, which is stored under the code :

In addition, ExpertLheeman also includes a Google Plus account link for "Posted by ..." For example, click "Post by ExpertLheeman Blogger" under the heading of this post.

It's been long ago Google deleted Google Authorship. In fact, recently Google Publisher disappeared in Google Structured Data Testing Tools. I think Google is increasingly focusing on Quality Contents. Content is King!

8 Sure Ways on How to Increase your Blog Pageviews

Expert Lheeman

How to Add Alexa Rank Widget on Blog to Increase your Web Rank

How to Add Alexa Rank Widget on Blog to Increase your Web Rank

How to Add Alexa Rank Widget on Blog to Increase your Web Rank and your Traffic also

Alexa is the best site to check your web rank, because it has a very good feature in the matter of rank checking.

How to install widgets basically the same as as usual, what we need to install is widget for alexa and it depends on blog owner, install widget alexa, visitor can see rank from us no longer need to check through alexa website

I think personally is a website providing information about the rankings on the website, the ability of informing the rank of a good website because alexa has features capable of reading the developments of the website in the rank ratings. The better the rank of the blog will be a benchmark that a lot more people visited

The latest way to install widgets.

1. The first thing to install must already be in the blogger account

2. Press the layout button on the blog page layout appears

3. Press the add gadget button, page load add gadget

4. Select HTML/javaScript

Copy the code below to the template

Remember to replace this blog url back to yours as it was just an illustration

Expert Lheeman