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Sure 7 Ways to Make Money from Blog - Online Business Through Blogging

Sure 7 Ways to Make Money from Blog - Online Business Through Blogging

How do I get a blog do we make money?

How can we "make money blogging" (make money blogging)?

Some say, why many visitors blog if we do not become money?

Or ... visitors a lot, but did not produce a dollar, a loss then?

Blogging is sharing.Ngeblog was shared. Alms science. Lots of blogging motives, ranging from hobby writing, honing writing skills, build friendships and relationships, community building, networking, up to an online business. So, the blog does not always have to make money.
However, anyone who does not want his/her blog blogger so money machine?

Google AdSense became the mainstay of the bloggers in the make money blogging. However, it is accepted into the AdSense Publisher is very difficult for some bloggers, especially if a blog is empty. Previous CB've shared some online business through posting on this blog. Who have not read, please go to:

1. The 9 Ways to Make Money from Blog Without ads (Adsense)

2. Top 20 Alternative Google AdSense for RSS

3. Produce 100 Dollars Per Day with AdSense

4. Start an Affiliate Business - Affiliate Marketing

5. Free Google AdSense for Beginners - You can search it in this blog

Well, this post was made to complete the five topics above.

Anyway, after checking, the CB has not had a post with keywords Make Money from Blogs in general. That there is a new no. 1 was, how to make money from a blog without Google AdSense.

Many Ways Online Business Blog There are many ways through Business Online through blogging or by using blogs. Most certainly so Google AdSense Publisher.

* .Daily Blog Tipsmelist 28 list of ways to make money from a blog: 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website.

* Income .Online Teacher mentions 30 ways to earn money from a blog: 30 Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging!

* .The Work at Home Women even create a list of up to 44 Ways to Make Money from Blog: 44 Ways to Make Money Blogging. Widiiih ... if summed so how tuh ... 28 30 44 = 102 !!!

Many ya .. Of course, it is not so. Of 102 means that there is the same, identical, similar. If sum of all the tips produce a blog, in her 30s. But wait! It was in the West.

That if we speak English blog. Generally, sites that provide online business services that almost all of them speak English.

In Indonesia? Most hell ... Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense.

7 Ways to Make Money from Blog

Blogger Indonesia Indonesian language can make money from their blogs, among others in the following ways:

1. Advertise Pay Per Click (PPC) These types of ads are most popular and are no match for Google AdSense. Even marketplace and news websites Indonesia and the world also participated rely on income from this GA. But, GA is not the only one PPC for bloggers. There are still other alternatives, such as Bidvertiser, Chitika and Clicksor.

2. Ad Cost Per Mille (CPM) CPM means paid per 1000 appearances or opened by unique visitors (unique visitors), ie the number of visitors from the Internet Provider (IP) within a certain time. You can try these CPM ads a.l. Casale Media, Burst Media, Value Click,, Tribal Fusion, Right Media.

3. Selling Ad Space Ilklan your blog offers installation, for example, create a menu Adverts. CB itself offers advertising Advertorial (Product or Blog / Web) and Banner. Formay popular website banner is the size of 120 × 600 pixels, the 300 × 250 pixels, and 468 × 60 pixels and 728 × 90 pixels, which is usually in bagianblog header (beside the logo).

4. Text Link Ads (Text Link Ads) This type of advertising is less popular. Why Google combating text link ads are not accompanied tagnofollow. You can try this type of ad by registering at DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum, Text-Link-Ads, Text-Link-Brokers, or LinkWorth.

5. Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing) The program is very popular and practical. You can check out his review Affiliate Business.

6. donation You open an account or PayPal account to receive donations from visitors. CB itself several times accept donations via PayPal (cbblogger2014 @ and there is also a direct tranfser via the account as a thank you for the free templates that CB share that boost the number of visitors blog. Thanks again for the already dynasty.

7. Selling eBooks and Other Products You write eBooks and then sell it via a blog. It's kind of making money from a blog indirectly, because the blog "just" a media campaign and track your sales transaction. You can also sell your products / services your friends on a blog. You can commission if there is a transaction. A similar pact your friends.

That she was 7 Ways to Make Money from Blog CB version of Blogger. #GoodLuck

18 Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers

Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers

17 Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers that are just starting their own blog and need it to be developed!!!

If you are a beginner blogger, certainly a lot of things you should learn in developing your blog starting from the basics of blogging to monetization.
However, do not worry, the more often you practice that learned, the more chances your blog becomes successful, such as How to be making money from owned blog.
To help you learn and practice blogging tips, I am collecting a number of posts that help you learn systematically. Here are 17 tips for blogging that you are notabene a beginner blogger.

Basics of blogging

1. Types of Blogs that You Should Know. There are at least 5 types of blogs that you should know before developing your blog to the next stage. The five types of blogs are peeled in this post so as to prevent you from wasting time to develop the wrong blog - keep tracking for it in this post.

2. What is Success ?? This post describes the definition and size of success that can be applied to your blogging activity. Which size do you choose? Of course you can determine it after reading this post.

3. Phases of Blog Development. The development phases of blogs that you deserve to know that help you get out of the stress in managing and making money from your blog.

4. 7 Successful Blogger Habits and How they are Managing their Blog.
According to John Chow, there are at least seven good habits that promote the successful bloggers. What are the seven habits? Please read more on this post.
5. Ways Against Blogging Saturation. Be aware or not, you will feel bored when blogging. The post that explains the ways you can fight against that saturation is related here.
6. Fears that Harm the Blog (and How to Overcome It). There are a number of fears facing when managing a blog. If left unchecked, these fears can hinder your steps or even keep you from building successful blogs. What is the fear and the solution?

Content Writing

7. Tips To Your Posts Easy To Read Visitors. This post contains practical tips so that your blog readers comfortable reading your post.

8. Easy Ways to Create Opening Paragraphs that Attract Readers' Attention. You have trouble creating opening paragraphs? If yes, the post that is adapted from this Copyblogger can be one of the solutions.

9. Sentence Elements You Need to Know. What happens if you write when writing difficult sentence by sentence when the reference is available? Dizzy or annoyed, is not it? One trick is to know the elements of a sentence.

10. Ways to Find Dozens of Post Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less. No matter how long you become a blogger, at one time you will not know what to write alias run out of posting ideas. The good news is there are three ways to find dozens of post ideas in 10 minutes or less.

11. How to Write Without Editing. In this post you will know how to quickly write your post. This way I usually do in writing blog posts or books.

12. Guidelines for Writing Capital Letters (No. 11 Mostly Forgotten Most People). This post describes the use of capital letters or uppercase letters corresponding to enhanced spellings. Along with examples of sentences.

13. Do not Make These Pitfalls When You Write a Title. Many bloggers who make a trivial error but have a fatal impact when making the title. Check out the full explanation on this post.

14. Want To Be A Productive Blogger? Follow This System. This post describes a system that allows you to become a productive blogger.


15. How to Build a Profitable Mapping Network. You should build networking with successful bloggers. How can this networking be effective? This post explains the way it is.

Blog Promotion

16. Giving Comments: Things You Should Avoid. Want your comment not to be deleted by the blog owner where you commented? Avoid seven things that peeled on this post.

17. Tips to Be a Blogger Guest. Being a guest blogger is one way to promote your blog. This post contains tips relation so you can become a guest blogger on any blog. (All the post less with link can be searched for in the search box provided)

Expert Lheeman

The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?

The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?
The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?

Dozens of times I have been asked by readers of Expertlheeman about blogging platform (blogging platform) best to get money from the Internet. Do WordPress or Blogspot? My answer to the question that is usually asked by beginners it is still the same, that is self-hosted WordPress. Why?

Here is my argument.

1. WordPress is Easy to use

As you know, WordPress is composed of two types of self-hosted WordPress (self-hosted) and free WordPress ( Users are prohibited from memonatising blogs (eg put the affiliate link), on the other hand self-hosted WordPress users monetize their blogs free.

Regardless, both are equally easy to use. I experienced this when I just started blogging in mid-2017. My time was blogging using and in less than one day of my blog has become ( because of its features are available without the need for mastery of CSS and HTML.

Three months later I tried Blogspot. My personal blog on the platform is not so-so because I was confused to use it. The factors are my limitations in terms of CSS and HTML that time.

2. Premise

If your blog using WordPress self-hosted, the blog is yours alone. You are free to explore appropriate business you are running (online shops, blogs, news sites, etc.).

Even if you are in suspended by the hosting provider for any reason, you do is download the data base and the specific files of the blog and then move to another hosting provider (domestic or foreign) that fits the needs of your blog.

Another case if your blog using Blogspot. Blogs are not your own because you are riding to the Google-owned blogging platform. Once you violate the TOS Blogspot, your blog will be deleted.

Case occurred two days ago, happened to one of my friends.
Blogs that produce an average of 1 million a month on PPC program Click was deleted by the manager of Blogspot.

3. Laris Manis Sale

Self-hosted WordPress blog hard sell if sold. Why? Apart from the income factor, WordPress is the platform most used by bloggers or webmasters. If they buy a WordPress blog, they will be easier to manage.

Do not believe? Please visit Flipp and see blogs that has been sold there. Almost all of the WordPress blog!


If you want to earn money from the internet, you can use the Blogspot. However, if you want to get a LOT of money on the internet, I recommend you to use WordPress self-hosted.

What do you think? Please inform us in the comments section below.

Thanks for Reading : The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?

Gist on How to Make Money from Blogs - Tips to Become a Successful Blogpreneur

Gist on How to Make Money from Blogs - Tips to Become a Successful Blogpreneur

Blogpreneur is an entrepreneur with an alias blogging to make money through blogging. Blogpreneur is not as popular as the term "make money blogging" (make money from a blog) or online business.

Blogpreneur is one of the solutions for the unemployed such as Expertlheeman. Physical capital (material) all you need is just a laptop and an internet connection. If you do not have both, you still can be done by going to the cafe. Matter how the blog is, a lot of blogging tips on Google!

Many successful bloggers who share their experiences and tips-tricks for successful blogging. CB try to check how popular the term Blogpreneurini in Google. As a result, About 28,600 results in (0.53 seconds). However, the term Blogpreneur does not exist or has not entered into Wikipedia: The page "Blogpreneur" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created. Understanding Blogpreneur

Blogpreneur consists of two words: blogs and preneur. Blog we already know. Preneur short for entrepreneurs, ie entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs (English: entrepreneur) are people who do entrepreneurial activity characterized by clever or talented to identify new products, determine how new production, operations management arrange for the procurement of new products, market, and manage the capital operations. (Wikipedia)

Understanding the entrepreneur above glance there is no connection whatsoever with blogging. However, the key word is his own entrepreneurial venture alias.

Then, blogpreneur is earning business or his own money through blogs. According to WP Explorer, Blogpreneur / bläɡprənər / noun; a person who operates a blog as a business, turning Reviews their interests and passion into a full time career, Often times taking a financial risk to do so.
"Blogpreneur is a person who runs a blog as a business, transform their talents and interests into a career full-time, often many times take a financial risk to do so."

In conclusion, blogpreneur is an entrepreneur blog, which is making a living or making money with blogging activity. How to?

How to Become ?

How to Become Blogpreneur

Blogpreneur equal to monetize a blog or make money with a blog. The most popular way is threefold: Google AdSense


2.Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Programs

3. Receive Ad

The third way that blogpreneur created.

Google AdSense is not foreign among bloggers and online media businesses.
News sites also rely on Google AdSense as a source of income (income).

Affiliate program is to market or promote other people's products on our blog. We earn a commission on each transaction. Receive advertising is also not alien to bloggers. His ads can be a banner, it can also be a sponsored post (sponsored article), advertorials, or insights product (product review). Also Read: 7 Ways to Make Money from Blog (Search on this blog)

Basics Blogpreneur first step to becoming blogpreneur is to create a blog and determine Niche - Start with Your Passion! The second step is contents and implement SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

*. Create A Blog with Niche or focus the content according to their talents and interests (passion).

*. Apply Basic SEO Blog

*. Do not forget: Use Templates Blog SEO Friendly.

*. Fill the blog with Quality Content --unique, interesting, original, useful. In essence, the basics become blogpreneur is to create a blog first, then fill it.

Apply SEO tips and tricks to increase the number of visitors or traffic as a key into blogpreneur success.

Tips to Become a Successful Blogpreneur

blogpreneur Since ExpertLheeman is not yet a success, with a pioneering new Premium Service and the Template Gallery, ExpertLheeman can not be successful for the tips blogpreneur.

What is clear, the principle to remember is "Bloggers sell stories, NOT products", the blogger was selling a story, in the sense of sharing experiences, insights, or tips on his blog, as well as the basic concepts of blogging: Share! Sharing.

While this BLOG share only two links on the tips become successful blogpreneur following:

*. How to bocome Successful Blogpreneur

*. The Best Kept 'Secret' Of Successful Blogpreneurs(search on this blog)

The point is, as already highlighted above, namely to create a blog and expand it to become popular and many visitors. #ThanksForReading

Best Ways on How to Fight Boredom Blog

Best Ways on How to Fight Boredom Blog
Best Ways on How to Fight Boredom Blog

Blogging is composed of a variety of activities, ranging from writing, increase visitors, to interact with visitors. In the long term, these activities lead to boredom. Do you feel it? If yes, you can try one or more of the following ways to fight boredom blogging.

1. Break minimum of one day per week

Boredom is usually triggered by a routine. To fight it, you have to take time off of at least one day a week, such as Saturday or Sunday.

When the holidays, forget all things related to your blog. Also disconnect the internet connection on your mobile phone so the emails do not interfere with your vacation. Your goal is to recharge battery mental and body so that you can blog again with good stamina for the next week.

For this purpose, you can:
*. Visit tourist attractions that exist inside or outside of your city

*. Watch the latest movies in theaters

*. The roads to the shopping center (mall)

2. Join a local blogger community

Join the community blogger or marketer in the city you can also fight boredom blogging. Such communities generally have a specific activity, such as walk together, gathered together weekly, monthly or hold a social event.

Another benefit is that you can exchange thoughts or experiences with friends in the community. From the exchange of ideas or thoughts, it is not likely you get new ideas or conduct joint projects.

What if your local blogger community yet? There is no other way, you have to gradually build it. The first step may be to teach your friends who do not know blogging.

3. Read books related to the topic of the blog

Read books related to the topic of your blog is an effective way of overcoming boredom blogging. You can do an hour before bedtime, after lunch, or a few hours in your day (if you are reluctant to get out of the house).

By reading the book, you will gain knowledge so you can apply them in your blog.
Remember, learning does not have to stop after leaving school or college.

4. Perform regular exercise

Another way to overcome boredom is with regular exercise, such as walking in the morning every day, follow a fitness program three times a week, play badminton twice a week, or play football on weekends. By exercising, your body will be fit for the calories burned.

Sports related, I'm getting used to walking in the morning for 30 minutes each day (around 5 am). In addition to not incur a cost, brisk walking is also easy to do and the inhaled air is still fresh.

5. Experiment

Other steps to overcome the saturation of blogging is by experimenting new things. This activity will make you excited for your curiosity to the results to be obtained.

Forms of experiments that can vary, for example:
*. Using social media if you have been relying on visitors from search engines

*. Change the look of your blog, for example, change the color and font size, change the layout and size of the ad, and menggati theme or template with responsive

*. Conducting case studies, such as blogs membuatprivate network to optimize your blog, create a new blog with a topic you know nothing about, or advertise to increase your income.

6. Create a challenge for yourself

Create challenges for themselves can also be used to overcome the boredom of blogging. These challenges are generally carried out for 30 days (30-day challenge) to change bad habits into good habits-habits.

For example, one of your bad habit is to check income or blog ranked many times in a day.
To eliminate unproductive habits, create a challenge for the next 30 days by simply checking the rankings of income or once a week, such as Sunday afternoons only.

By doing these activities, you have free time that can be used for positive purposes, such as posting or researching ideas for writing topics that will be created.

Expert Lheeman

How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

9 Ways on How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

As we know, in this world of law apply in pairs: day and night, men and women, happy-sad, and so on. When this law we associate with the world of blogging, one example is there is a successful blogger, there is also the opposite. According to John Chow, this lack of success is influenced at least nine mistakes in blogging.

Therefore, in my opinion, this error 9 shall be avoided if we want to be successful blog owner.
Any of these mistakes?

1. Not to up date the blog

John Chow mentioned that blogs are not up to date is a dead blog. For example, someone who diligently to post multiple posts in a month. However, one month later the person is not to updating again. What's the solution?

Successful bloggers earn tens of thousands of dollars per month it is suggested us to consistently to up date the blog within our means. If we were able to post one article per day, we have the commitment to do it per day.
However, if we are only able to post one article per week, we should also do it every week commitment.

2. blogging solely for money

Famous moment, the blog is filled with ads and writing paid reviews without providing the information required visitors.
According to Chow, blog visitors are generally not liked by so many ads and writing paid reviews. The solution, we have to put both types of monetization proportionally (balanced) so that our readers do not feel disturbed.

3. Rushing published a paper

After typing paper, a page blog hastily pressing the publish button without looking back (check) the text. John Chow suggested we check out at least two or three times a paper to be published to avoid typos, writing flow does not flow between paragraphs, and the links are broken off (broken link).

4. Do not enter personal opinion

According to Chow, a blog is not a newspaper or magazine online. Visitors will be interested to read the article if there is the manager's opinion blog.

5. Copy and paste the writings of others

Besides unethical, this activity does not reflect the creativity and uniqueness of yourself. According to Chow, we could create the same article with other people posting topics.
However, once again we have to give our opinion in our own words.

6. Do not reply to comments

A blog is a 2-way communication means, ie between the owner and its visitors. When a blog visitor commented, Chow suggested à ¢ Å "please answer Them ¢ Å".

7. Do not give the full RSS Feed

Just give a summary of the RSS feed. John Chow Experience shows that after he gave RSS Feed whole, the number of subscribers has doubled.

8. Do not reach out to other blogs
According to Chow, did not reach it's like not to comment on other blogs, do not give exchange links, do not want to love the track back on other blog posts, and did not join the other blogs MyBlogLog community setopik.

9. Writing for search engines

Posts made only focused on the ranks on the search engines and not for visitors. As a result, the writing is filled with swirling excessive keyword.

9 Ways on How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

21 Ways on How to Increase Blog Website Visitors & Traffics

How To Increase Your Blog Vistors And Traffics

How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

Sure Ways on How to Increase Your Blog Website Genuine Visitors and Traffics

How to Increase Number of Blog Visitors (Traffic, Pageviews).

Your BLOG is lonely reader? Below ExpertLheeman share and sync on how to increase the number of visitors or blog readers Daily Dream Tips version.
In essence, focus on Content or Content Blog quality - own writing, it takes a lot of people, and polish with basic SEO techniques.

ExpertLheeman version, How to Increase the number of Visitors Blog there are two, namely using seo friendly template (responsive & fast loading) and create Quality Content in accordance with Google guides.

Content is KING. The content or blog post is king, the determinant of blogging success. Choose a niche blog in accordance with your passion alias talents and interests. Do not force to write content that you do not master, especially most COPAS from other blogs with edit here and there become as if your own.

Better blogger speak other Languages, translate, and add with your own words and thoughts, as this post. Do not forget to mention the source if you do not want to deal with Google's DMCA for copyright infringement that could get your blog banned or deleted.

6 Ways to Increase Blog Visitor Count.

Write the Best Content

You WILL NOT be successful in blogging without good content.

2. Allow Email Subscribe - Subscriptions via Email

Create subscription form posts via email so that users can follow your blog content updates via email inbox. Perhaps many are not interested in subscribing via email, but many are also interested!

The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?

3. Build Relationships with Other Bloggers
Connect with other bloggers. We know it as a "way to blog people" (blogwalking).

Comment on their blog and leave a link to your profile or blog. A good blogger is a blogger who does not stingy comments on other blogs. Many blog visitors to ExpertLheeman Blogger from the results of comments on other blogs.

4. Write on Other Blogs and Receive Other Blogger Posts as well.
This is known as Guest Post - guest post. You write for another blogger, or your blog receives another blogger's posts.

By the way ... ExpertLheeman Blogger is also ready to become a Guest Author and ready to accept your writing (as long as the original yes, not Copas, and not yet posted on your blog :))

5. Do not Just Think About SEO!
SEO is important, but to increase the number of blog visitors is not enough just with SEO techniques. Many blogs are "not wrecked", can perched in the first position of Google. That's because of quality content, great writing and searchable people!

6 .... But Learn Basic SEO
Although SEO is not everything to increase the number of blog visitors, but really need brain- tweaking SEO Blog, at least the basics, such as using keywords in the title and create many links between blog pages.

EXPERTLHEEMAN version of mah, the basic SEO is mainly:
1. Use SEO Friendly Blog Templates

2. Use SEO Friendly Meta Tags

3. Write Quality Content

4. Make internal and external links.

5. Frequent gathering with other bloggers!

SEO Tips from Google to Raise Number of Blog Visitors

Well, if this is SEO tips directly from the Google Team itself.

1. Do something nice: Be sure your website stands out from the competition.

2. Include relevant words in your copy: Try to put yourself in the shoes of searchers.

3. Be smart about your tags and site architecture.

4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools to get notified by Google if anything is wrong.

5. Attract buzz: Natural links, 1s, likes, follows - all these can help.

6. Stay fresh and relevant: Keep content up-to-date on your site to keep receiving organic traffic.

Similarly How to Increase Number of Blog Visitors.
How To Increase Your Number of Visitors Blog Version ...?

18 Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers

Expert Lheeman

How to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate by Changing Font Size

How to Reduce Your Blog and Website Bounce Rate

Ways on How to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate by Changing Font Size

Understanding SEO Friendly and User Friendly in Blogging - Best SEO Trick

This topic is in relation to....

What is a good bounce rate ?

How to reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate benchmark

Average bounce rate by industry

Bounce rate formula

Bounce rate benchmark (2016-2017)

Exit rate

Ideal bounce rate

CHANGE the font-size of your blog becomes larger in order to reduce Bounce Rate that affects PageView and PageRank of blog. That's advice Daily Blog Tips in Reducing Your Bounce Rate In One Second.

21 Ways on How to Increase Blog Website Visitors & Traffics

On that suggestion, EXPERT LHEEMAN changed the size of the post body with single letter to 14px, larger than before, as well as changing the font, from Tahoma, Arial, and now Droid Sans.

Why 14px and Arial? Simple course, ExpertLheeman "Bloggy" Wikipedia which also change the size and type of letters to Arial 14px. The "leading" news sites in the world also mostly use Arial 14px. Just look at CNN and BBC for example.

How to Avoid Mandatory Blogging Mistakes and Prevent Your Blog From Scratch

Can letters be the cause of Bounce Rateblog? The answer, according to Daily Blog Tips, is YES. "There are many cases where you can reduce the bounce rate, and increase the font size works on most situations," he wrote.

"Consider also the age of visitors who are getting older so that more and more people who need a large letter and comfortable to look at - not make eyes tired," he added.

Could be, because the size of the letters on our blog is too small, visitors hurry to close our blog and click the back button on Google. They are looking for other blogs that have larger font size and are easy to read (scan-scanned).

Just glance at the blog, then quickly close it and go back to Google's search results index, that's called Bounce Rate.
Google says, many factors cause this "bounce rate", one of which is the design (site design) or usability issues.

There are a number of factors that contribute to your bounce rate. For example, visitors may leave your site from the sign-in page if there is a problem with site design or usability issues. Alternatively, visitors may also exit the site after viewing a single page if they find the information they need to be on the page and find it unnecessary or uninterested to visit another page.

The Best Host to be Making Money Through Blogging : WordPress or Blogspot ?

Clear ...? Let's take a small step that can have this big impact. Trivial, just changing the size of the letters doang, but can be "worth SEO"!

We can also "reflect" on news sites such as Republika Online,,, or that use the capital letters, namely Arial 14px, in single-post it. The leading news sites,, use the letters Arial 13px.

Do not forget to choose "Web Safe" fonts or good letters for blogs like Arial, Helvetica and Tahoma, or use Google Fonts.

18 Successful Blogging Tips for Blog Beginners - Guidelines For Bloggers

Expert Lheeman

Tips on How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Blog Niche

How to Choose Best Theme for Your Blog Niche

Tips on How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Wordpress And Blogger Blogspot Blog Niche

Read Also : How to Build a Network Blog for Mutual Beneficial and Ways on How to Become an Authority Blogger In Your Niche Skills
Tips on Choosing a Good Blog Theme - We recommend that before you start blogging you must determine the theme of blog first because it determines your blog in the future.

Is It Important in Choosing Blog Theme? The answer of course is capital "YES" because it will affect the contents of the blog that you will create and affect the number of visitors or the target number of blog visitors. Since each blog theme has a different percentage in the number of enthusiasts.
Read Also : Understanding SEO Friendly and User Friendly in Blogging - Best SEO Trick and Note A Full Time Blogger : To the Dot Com Lifestyle
For example if you choose the theme of agriculture then the number of visitors who search for themes about agriculture will be less than the theme of online business. Because it will affect the SEO process.

Furthermore, if you are wrong in choosing a theme then most likely you will encounter problems like the following.
*. You will run out of material for your blog articles
Read Also : SEO Tips For Beginner's Guides to Search Engine Optimization

*. Your blog will be difficult to compete with other blogs.

*. And you will feel bored managing your blog Based on the above then the stage of choosing a blog theme is something very important because if you just ignore then in a few months your blog will sink and may not get a place.

No wonder many novice bloggers who fail because of underestimating or ignoring the stages of choosing a theme.
Read Also : Explanation on How to Become a Confidence Blogger
How to Choose the Best Theme? Actually the answer to this question is in yourself. Because you can determine the theme of the blog based on the ability that you have.

Or you can answer some of the following questions...
1. What is your goal to create a blog?

2. Is your blog a means of sharing?

3. Is your blog used for business? Please think based on your brother's ability because if you force to create a blog with themes that you do not master then you might loosed up as I've said earlier
Read Also : The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

Many beginners who follow-up to create a blog that they do not master the knowledge because tempted by a successful blog.

What's Your Blog Theme? How have you got enlightenment on how to choose a blog theme? If not the following I will give you a list of common blog themes, please choose based on your bass or ability and knowledge
Read Also : Habits, Ways and Beliefs of Successful Blogger and How They Manage Their Blog for More Success
1. Music
2. Sports
3. News
4. Automotive
5. Entertainment
6. Art
7. Business
8. Reference
9. Education
10. Game
11. Computer
12. Recreation
13. Internet
14. Blogging
15. Religion
16. Social
17. Private || Etc.
Read On : How To Create Free Blog At Blogspot and Start Making Money

You can choose two or more blog themes that are still interconnected, the example is usually the theme of the internet can be related to the theme of blogging etc., you should choose related to your hobby for your blog will be useful and not in vain.

Read Also : How to - Download, Save Pictures on Computer Screen and Create ScreenShot

Hopefully everything can help you and then you need to learn how to research keywords to help build a powerful blog.

Read Also : 3 Sure Ways on How to Make Money from your Blog

Expert Lheeman

Case Study of Indonesian Language Blog Authority

Case Study of Indonesian Language Blog Authority
Case Study of Indonesian Language Blog Authority

As you probably know, in November of last year I made a Niche Blog Duel Volume Two (DBN Volume 2) for a niche blog in Indonesian language.
Expertlheeman visitor response against the DBN Volume 2 is pretty good because there are some visitors who participate.
Unfortunately, DBN vol 2 failed because MY. To be honest, I am very disappointed by this failure, but I have to go forward (move on).

To that end, I closed DBN Volume 2 and replace it with a new case study, namely Case Study Blog Authority (SKBO) Indonesian language. Reason for closure DBN Volume 2 and information about SKBO and its benefits to you are described below.

Why DBN Volume 2 Closed?

There are three reasons why DBN Volume 2 is closed. First, I spent a lot of time to build a niche blog in English. Secondly, I saturated blogging so lazy writing. Thirdly, I "turned from niche blogs because it has been at it since May 2011.

Although DBN Volume 2 is closed, I did not leave the niche blogs in English. I STILL make (1 niche blogs per week) for the English-language niche blog is my main source of income.

Apart from that, from the deepest heart, I apologize to all the participants DBN Jiid 2. I also deliver to thank you for participating Anda.I really appreciate it.

Why, not a new blog?

Blog discussed SKBO is (Dukar). Why blogs are not new blog? The main reason is I want to show a hater that Dukar not a spam blog.

This story. When Dukar dormant, a visitor who might come from Expertlheeman commented negatively on Dukar.
He questioned my commitment to manage the blogs because there is only one post (this question had been offered through my Facebook). At the end of his comments, he mentioned that Dukar is a spam blog.

Because these comments pending approval, I deleted it.
After that, I reflect and ask ourselves: That "Have I been unethical blogging with so Dukar are called spam blogs?

Thanks to the wrenching commentary, I finally realised and wants to prove to the sihater that I am not a blogger spammer.
Therefore, since the end of September 2014, I started to develop it into a blog blog authority.

Why Dukar Known Authority Blog?

I categorize the DuKar as authority blogs for two reasons.
The first reason is fairly wide range of topics Dukar, ranging from diverse professions employees up behavior. Naturally, this will result in postings in large quantities.

The second reason is I have experience as an employee for 10 years. During this period, I became employees in two different working environment: universities and the mining industry.
Therefore, I wrote a post about the competence of employees.

Until this post was made, new Dukar has five posts, namely:

*. 7 Mistakes Do You Make It Work When Creating a Cover Letter?

*. 5 Tips to Becoming Employee Confidence

*. How to Become a Preferred bosses Authoritative and Liege

*. How to End boss Complaints Work Forever So Loved Your Performance

*. Do not Do 7 About It When You Become Employees of Foreign Companies

What will be informed in SKBO?

Starting this month until december, I will inform the development of the number of visitors Dukar each month. Why is the number of visitors, not the amount of income?

As the goal of the first year Dukar (October 2014 s.d September 2015) is getting 50,000 unique visitors. As for the second year onwards target is the amount of income. Meanwhile, the main goal is to produce a Dukar Rp 10 million per month in 2019.

To be honest, I wanted to be faster to reach the main goal.
However, I do not have much time to develop Dukar because he was working on several projects that more priority in the year ahead as making money from Expertlheeman, doubled the visitors, and wrote a book (electronic-print) per month.

What are the benefits SKBO for you?

The benefits that you will gain from this SKBO is studying the development authority blogs from scratch and know my way towards the goal Dukar. Impact, you may be motivated blogging or building authority blogs as well.

CONCLUSIONS: DBN Volume 2 was officially closed and replaced with SKBO. Hopefully this SKBO help you live a better blogging activities.

You have input so SKBO more useful?

Addendum: If you have time, please visit Dukar and comment. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for Reading : Case Study of Indonesian Language Blog Authority

How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months

How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months
How I Promote Expert Lheeman In The First 3 Months

This post is part of the sixth phase of blogging I beamed posts. If you have not read the previous section, please refer to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 in the search box.

I have often heard that content is king. This statement is true, but for a new blog is not enough. Additional efforts are necessary to promote it. Departing from this understanding, I also take the free and paid ways to promote Expertlheeman within the first 3 months.

Free way that I do is:

1. Active in the mailing list
Long before to blogging, I am actively interact with colleagues list all my di mailing. After having Expertlheeman, I was more actively involved in the mailing list.

In these interactions, I inform you the latest postings Expertlheeman, expect colleagues to visit my blog. The result? Fewer visitors are coming because of my posts may not appeal to them.
Number of visitors this makes me introspection with mailing list almamater is not the right vehicle for promotion. In addition to the academic world about the topic, sometimes members are more interested in discussing the news again lively in the mass media and electronic media.

2. Blog walking (BW)

I do BW to the blogs of my friends when blogging on a free blog. Every day I BW to 10-20 blog friends. In addition to the blog friends, I went to the blogs BW famous in Indonesia. I diligently commented on over 10 blogs each day. The result is quite passable raise Expertlheeman traffic.

3. Register posts to Traffic News

When blog on, one of my posts was registered by someone to Traffic News. The post became hot and sent more than 500 visitors.

From this experience, I registered every post Expertlheeman to Traffic News. The result? New posts were written on February 2017, which is 5 Greatest Hits Blogger Women in the World, which becomes hot. For the first time, this blog has reached 800 page views a day.

4. Guest Blogger

I read the invitation to be a guest blogger on Blog guebo, one of Indonesia which is always my blog inspiration. On feb 2017 I start writing.

A day later Medhy Aginta (owner of Blogguebo) agreed and informed that my writing will be published end of the month. I am very happy to know this information.

The excitement I shed with prancing own (like Roger Federer won the Australian Open) in my den. Fortunately, my wife did not see that he was not surprised.

My guest article appeared in the end of July 2009. Unfortunately, the traffic is not as abundant, only about 10 people coming per day from the blog. However, the guest posting an unexpected increase the number of customers from the customer 12 to 30 customers within a week.

5. Resolving work colleague

Every day I use email to communicate with work colleagues. Well, in the signature section, I include a link to your post or home page Expertlheeman.

There are times when I deliberately asking work colleagues for a visit. However, both of the above are not effective because my colleagues do not like blogging.

In addition to complimentary way, I was promoted through paid way, namely:

6. Sponsoring Contest

I am sponsoring a writing contest organized by Nothing Impossible Dinda Ayu Rahmi. This sponsorship form in the form of a dot com domain 5 to the winner 1-5.

Although visitors who come are not encouraging, I'm still happy because Expertlheeman began to be known by other bloggers, at least the participants of the contest.

That's 6 ways that I have taken to promote Expertlheeman within the first 3 months. How about you? What do you do to promote your blog in the first 3 months?

Info: In the next post (post glow this last post) I will write about my biggest dream as a blogger. Do not miss, because who knows my dream is similar to your dreams.

Thanks for Reading : How I Promote ExpertLheeman In The First 3 Months

How to Build a Network Blog for Mutual Beneficial

How to Build a Network Blog for Mutual Beneficial

A colleague of mine some time offered a position in another company even though he did not apply for the position. When I asked why it happened, colleagues replied that he had many friends or colleagues in several companies.

Does the network need in the world of blogging? I think it is necessary.


Because if you have a network with many bloggers, then they will be happy to be giving backlink to your post, recommend your blog to others, and even to help sell your products or services.

How to build a blogging network

1. Make a list of bloggers who set to pick with your blog

How many bloggers that should be on your list? There is no default rules. Depending on your taste (the more the better).

Then, how to find bloggers who set to pick with your blog?
The easiest way to type a topic of your blog in Google Blog. Another way is making blog walking.

2. Introduce yourself

When you have made a list of the bloggers, you should introduce yourself to them. Use the email address or contact form.

Below are the points when you introduce yourself:

*. Do not beat around the bush. Jump to inform you that you contact them to introduce themselves.

*. Mention that your blog (along with its URL) have the same topic with them.

*. Inform that you love them and your blog content will link it.

Here is a sample message to illustrate the points above.

Hello [name blogger contacted],

I am contacting you to introduce yourself. My name is Lheeman ¢ â,¬Â|. [Your name], and I also have a blog with topikà ¢ â,¬Â| [the topic of your blog]. URL adalaha ¢ â,¬Â|

It is my view that your content is very interesting, and I would recommend some of that content to my blog readers.

Warm regards,

[your name]

3. Link (trackback) some of their posts

Standard rules of building a network blog before accepting. If you want the bloggers are linking to blog or post your link was the one posting or blog them first.

How melinknya can create a link or post melinknya in your relevant posts. If you do not post links or pingback trackback tracked in them, then you must do is to inform via email or contact form.

4. prop them

In addition to linking to their content, you also must support them in other ways. Here are a few examples:

*. Recommend them to your friends blog

*. Recommend products or services

*. interview them

*. Send them your posts helpful sense to social sites (facebook, tweeter, Traffic News, etc.)

5. Inform Your Qualified to their posts

When you make quality posts, the postings to inform them by email or contact form. In contacting them, avoid asking them to link to the article. You just mentioned that they would like these postings.

The following examples illustrate the message that the above statement:

Hello [name blogger contacted],
I just made a post titled â,¬Â|à ¢ à ¢ â,¬Â|. [Name of your posts]. I am optimistic that you like it. URL adalaha ¢ â,¬Â| ..


[your name]

With this approach, they will be happy to read your post (without coercion). If they like your post, they are likely to accept it.

If they do not accept it, you do not despair. Continue to create quality posts and repeat the 3rd to the 5th. Sooner or later they are going to back link your posts.
In principle, building a network of blogging is giving before receiving. By applying the above fifth way, sooner or later you will get a blogging network.

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Understanding SEO Friendly and User Friendly in Blogging - Best SEO Trick

Understanding SEO Friendly and User Friendly in Blogging - Best SEO Trick

Understanding and Tips & Tricks SEO Friendly and User Friendly in Blogging.

Friendly SEO means "search engine friendly or search engine". SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engines Search Engines or which are sites where internet users searching for information, data or news, such as,,, and

Well, Friendly SEO or search engine friendly means our blog and blog content or easily indexed and displayed by the search engines, especially Google.

Thus, a blog or a blog post we will be easily found by users or readers.

To make the blog SEO Friendly No way, techniques, tips, and special tricks known as SEO Techniques, Tips SEO or SEO Tricks.

SEO Friendly and User Friendly User Definition FriendlySelain SEO Friendly, blogs we also have to User Friendly.

User Friendly means "user friendly" or unsightly, easy to read, easy to understand, not to confuse, nor dazzle - because the blog is opened or viewed on screen, the computer and the HP (SmartPhone).

User Friendly associated with the design of the display, both the overall look of your blog, as well as views per post (written), namely the appearance of text, image, video, or a combination of these (multimedia).

User Friendly so that contents of the blog, there are techniques or tips as well, such as seo tips.

If your blog is not user friendly, then the reader is not right linger open or read our blog content.

References SEO & User Friendly To design a blog and create content seo friendly and user friendly, just Googling contents open Google and type in the keyword "seo tips blog" and "user friendly web content".

Lots of tips and tricks seo and user friendly. One was 6 Tips Blog SEO Friendly Design.


SEO Tips For Beginner's Guides to Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Beginner's Guides to Search Engine Optimization

SEO For Beginner's : Guides to Search Engine Optimization

SEO OPTIMIZATION FOR BEGINNERS - most beginners to do seo optimization may be so confusing, not even a few beginners who are desperate because they do not get maximum results.
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Build a popular blog is not for a while, and the way it is done is not easy, at least you need 3 months to make your blog crowded then even if you are not lazy to find backlinks and create quality articles.

So if you are a beginner and still confused how to do optimization on blogs just follow the following seo optimization checklist, here is the first step or the basic part to make your blog crowded with visitors.
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1. Make a quality article

The purpose of blogging - here is an article that can provide a solution for a problem. Try to think if your article is able to answer questions from visitors of your blog then automatically visitors will be satisfied with your blog and so they will become loyal visitors, even recommend your blog to other visitors.

2. Do seo optimization onpage

If you already understand seo you will realize how important seo onpage optimization is, but you do not need to worry because I have summarized how to optimize your blog in terms of onpage. Please read on How to Do An On Page SEO Optimization For Your Blog - SEO Tips. If you are still a beginner and do not understand or do not want to bother doing onpage optimization points you can also use a seo friendly template that I have applied its onpage optimization please download and install on your blog.
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3. Looking for backlinks and promote your blog.

There are so many ways you can do to promote and search for backlinks, for those of you who are beginners you need to do is visit the blog that still has the same theme with your blog, take lessons from each visit you do and don't forget to comment or ask if there is Things you do not understand. And make good friends. Next tell your friends about the blogs that exist and do not forget to invite them to visit and promote your blog. Of course your blog must have a quality article.

Do the above steps well, after you have a lot of quality articles, the right onpage optimization and promote your blog, then you try to understand more intensive seo and support points, I am sure within 3 to 6 months your blog will already has good traffic, The point is to be patient and keep trying.
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It is a trick or tutorial from my own. I dare to give the tutorial based on the experience that I have ever experienced and I keep trying to make a simple way so that the beginners can understand seo easily according to the vision and blog url of this "".

I think it's enough till here first please do the above checklist well after you understand the intent or purpose of the checklist above I will try to provide supporting articles such as how to search for backlinks, nofollow and dofollow backlink differences and knowledge of seo and other blog tutorials.

If you think this article is useful please share with your friends and do not hesitate to ask if you do not understand or still there is not clearance.
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Expert Lheeman

Explanation on How to Become a Confidence Blogger

Explanation on How to Become a Confidence Blogger
Explanation on How to Become a Confidence Blogger

One of the obstacles perceived novice bloggers are less confident. The symptoms can be always called himself a beginner (newbie), considers others more powerful than himself, embarrassed express ideas or opinions, and so on. This lack of confidence is only natural for beginners, but less natural that kept confined in these conditions.
Then, how to become a confidence blogger ?

There are many theories and different ways, but in this post I will share three ways that help me generate confidence. I believe three ways you can adapt and apply. These three ways are:

1. Set a goal of blogging

Set targets blogging line with the objectives of your blogging. Do not create a low targets that are easily accessible. Make a high target that can toss your confidence if you can achieve it. Write them specifically targets and set a deadline.

For example, you can specify the target:

*. Generate US $ 1,000 from Google Adsense began in 2017

*. Reach 1,000 RSS subscribers in 2017.

*. Wrote 250 posts in the next four (4) months.

2. Do one small step

Target is just a à ¢ Å "â, ¬ ¢ pajanganà when not accompanied by steps. Because of achieving major targets requires time and energy, then do one small step.
For example, if you set a target would like to earn $ 1,000 per month from Google Adsense, then start to increase your SEO skills or expanding the number of posts in your blog.

Failure may appear in small steps that you do, but if you're used to fix it, then any obstacles will be overcome.

3. Find a mentor or role model

Inevitably, a mentor or role model is very important to increase confidence. It is mainly concerned with the effectiveness and efficiency of time and energy.
Therefore, look for a mentor or role model who can help you in achieving the target.

Seek advice from him, subscribe to the blog RSS, buy ebook sells, or join online training convening. Thus, experience and positive values of a mentor or role model that will make you more advanced.

For example, one of my role models blogger is Daniel Scocco.
So, I also subscribe to the blog RSS and became a trainee online convening ( Daniel's experience and training materials give and add insight for me to raise confidence in achieving the target.

Hopefully these three tips above to help you become a blogger confident.

Thanks for Reading : Explanation on How to Become a Confidence Blogger

The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

The great achievement sometimes stems from big dreams that were followed up with concrete action. As a blogger, I have the biggest dream is to become a full timeblogger (earn a living from blogging activities).

Currently I am still as part timeblogger because my main job as an employee of a foreign company. Smoke kitchen and household use me now financed from monthly salary as an employee.


Why do i want to be a full timeblogger? Did I give thanks to the current situation? All because of choices that I am happy and proud to be a blogger.

I love being able hobby bloggers for writing, interacting with other bloggers, experimenting, and making money. Pleasure this makes me tired to blog.

I am also proud to be a blogger for bloggers is a profession that combines a variety of capabilities, ranging from writing, communication, research, psychological, danmarketing. Therefore, the blogger is a respectable profession.

Moreover, by becoming a full timeblogger, I could live in a big city (for example in Jakarta, Bandung or Bogor) so internet access and access to networking is not an obstacle anymore.

This time I stayed in a corner so I find it hard obtaining a fast internet connection and also difficult to attend meetings with famous blogger (such as Pesta Blogger).


In the next 4 years. The main consideration is keluarga.Saat I have a wife and a dependent child (God willing in the next 3 months I became the father of two children). They still need the extra costs that I can not cover it with money from blogging activities.

How do I make this happen?

I have a plan of action and realize the dream of becoming a full time blogger. The action is being carried out are:

1. Optimizing revenue from Google Adsense. Currently income from Google Adsense still à ¢ Å "pant-ngosanà ¢ â,¬ so had not come to Western Union to dilute earnings.

2. Trying affiliates. I was experimenting with the affiliate program of Clickbank and Amazon in some of my mini blog.

Say the above activities consistently resulting in thousands of dollars each month. I have a plan like this:

1. Write an ebook about the success of Google Adsense and selling them.

2. Establish a paid online training to help those who want to succeed in the path of blogging and other online businesses.

Will I succeed?

I am optimistic work. However, I was only trying and praying. Results of course I leave it to Allah.


It was a relief I can finish this post glow. What I say is not mean to show off or overbearing, but only stories from a blogger who is being stepped toward what he wanted.

Thanks for Reading : The biggest dream I Have For Blog (Being a Part/Full Time Blogger)

Habits, Ways and Beliefs of Successful Blogger and How They Manage Their Blog for More Success

7 Habits, Ways and Beliefs of Successful Blogger and How They Manage Their Blog for More Success

Being a successful blogger is our desire as a novice blogger. No wonder we often do these tips from successful bloggers blogging or abroad. In addition to these tips, I think, we can also learn from their habit.

Any habits of bloggers are achieving success?
According to John Chow in ebook of Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com, at least there are 7 habits that successful bloggers do, namely:

1. Publish consistently post

Consistent is fixed. In blogging, the definition can be interpreted consistently regularly publish posts. When is the time? It depends on the situation and the blogger's own pr. Can only post one article every day, three posts per week, one article per week, or more than one post per day.

2. Liking topic on how to blog

With topics like blogging will help in developing a blog in the long term. For example, you are choosing a topic the car because you like things that are related to car. Thus, you will be happy to write the topic in the long term.

3. Interact with readers

What was the point of a blog if no readers. Therefore, interact with readers help you in developing a blog. Among other forms of interaction reply comments, accept criticism, replying to e-mail reader, and visit the blog visitors.

4. Do not be stingy provide link

A good postings are generally derived from his own experience and or reference (the writings of others). Although the writing was largely derived from his own experience, it would be better if the posting was equipped with data or facts of the postings of others. Moreover, these habits help visitors deepen the topic and develop cooperation with the blogger that you refer in your writing.

5. Know the image of itself

In the midst of the millions of bloggers around the world, a successful bloggers know portray themselves positively. This imaging can be performed with no copy and paste other people's writing, honest, keeps the copyright, and also good friends with bloggers. Indeed, the relatively instant way, but in the long run will really help you if you take that way.

6. Write well

Writing posts is the backbone to develop a blog in the long term. Therefore, successful bloggers write as possible with due regard to usability, grammar, writing flow, the effectiveness of the sentence, and the coherence of sentences or paragraphs.

7. Reading other blogs that interested

Some successful bloggers do not read the blog they are owning , but they also read other people's blogs. It can be a well-known blog, or a blog that has not been popular. Indication of reading is done by visiting directly or become a customer of the blog's RSS feed. Purpose of reading is one of them as a continuous learning effort.

One way to be a successful blogger is to replicate the good habits that successful bloggers do. Seven habits that I described above can be your starting point to be a successful blogger.

7 Habits, Ways and Beliefs of Successful Blogger and How They Manage Their Blog for More Success

How To Create Free Blog At Blogspot and Start Making Money

How To Create Free Blog At Blogspot and Start Making Money

How To Create A Free Blogger Blog At Blogspot and Start Making Money From The Blog Without Being Stressed

How to Make Blogger Blog free on Blogspot - The more days the number of bloggers increases and more and more who want to have their own blog, based on it which makes Expert Lheeman to take the initiative to provide a tutorial on how to create a free blog by utilizing a free blog service provider that is blogger/blogspot. Com.
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The reason to choose blogspot or is because of easy way of operation especially for beginners. Here are some reasons why I suggest to choose blogspot.
*. The operation is easy
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*. Owned by Google so easily get a place or easily indexed in google.

*. Blog templates are easy and free. After knowing some advantages blogspot let us now turn to how to make it, please follow the step-by-step below.

How to create a free and easy blog

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*. Set up google email. If you do not have an email please read How to create a gmail email on google by

*. Go to

*. Click on SIGN UP or LIST on the top corner of your screen.

Select List - Sign UP

*. Select the profile you want to use if BLOGGER PROFILE or G+ PROFILE

*. After selecting PROFILE please click CONTINUE TO BLOGGER

*. Next thing is to Click NEW BLOG

*. Will receive pop-up please fill according to your wishes.


*. Then your blog has been successfully created and please click START BLOG to write.
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*. Done Now that you have your own blog and you can change blog template to your liking I suggest looking for a seo-friendly template or you can see my seo-friendly collection of templates. In addition there can also manage your blog in such a way that your blog is famous and wait for 6 months before applying for Google Adsense.

I think this is enough on how to create a free blogger blog on blogspot hopefully can help you who are looking for references to create a blog.
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Expert Lheeman

How to - Download, Save Pictures on Computer Screen and Create ScreenShot

How to - Download, Save Pictures on Computer Screen and Create ScreenShot

Ways on How to - Download, Save Pictures on Computer Screen and Create ScreenShot for Free with your computer

How to Download, Save Images, Create a ScreenShot, or Take Image-Photos on a Computer Screen.

LOTS of ways to download (download), create ScreenShot, or take a picture (image- photo) that is on a computer screen.

Not just for blogging activities (illustration of post images), these tips also apply to you who will take stats, tables, or anything for non-blogging purposes.

Based on the experience, there are at least five ways to save, or download image on a computer screen, especially on websites or blogs or images that exist anywhere as they appear on a computer screen:

1. Right click the mouse and Save As

2. Snipping Tools

3. Press PrtSc SysRq on the keyboard

4. Use Software - WebSceen Shot Application

5. Social Justice for All

How to Take a Picture on a Computer Screen The # 1 Way.

Save Imagae As

How to download images on the computer screen no.1 is already very common. Right-click the image you want to download or save, then click "Save image as",

How to Take a Picture on the Computer Screen

How to Take a Picture on a Computer Screen. *

To preview the original size image, you can first select the 'Open image in new tab' menu.

To directly copy the image, select copy image. For example, to edit in CorelDraw, can select "copy image" and Paste in coreldraw page.

Way # 2. Snipping Tools

How to download images on the computer screen no.2 is using the application "Snipping Tools" built- in Microsoft Windows.

Snipping Tools

1. Open Snipping Tool in Start Menu

2. Type in the search field 'Snipping Tool'.

3. Click menu "New"

4. Select "Full-Screen Snip" if you want to shoot a full screen

5. Select "Rectangular Snip" or "Free-Form Snip" if you want to Screenshot one part.

6. Specify the area you want to take the picture using the cursor.

7. Click "Save Snip" (floppy image) or by pressing "Ctrk+S" on the keyboard.

Way # 3 Print Screen

How to save images from a computer screen or create another ScreenShot is to use the Print Screen feature in the keyboard, by pressing the "Prnt Scrn" or "PrtSC SysRq" button on the keyboard.

After pressing the button, the image on the screen is automatically saved, but the location has not been determined yet.

You can open the CorelDraw page or the "Paint" app in windows to save it by pressing "Ctrl+V" or Paste.

Way # 4. Use Software

In contrast to the way 1, 2, and 3 above that can be offline, how to make screenshots or ambol images on this computer screen must be online. Many WebSceen Shot Apps, one of them, most popular, is LightShot.

How to Take Images Using LightShot

1. Download and install the Lightshot first on your computer.

2. Open the image on the computer or web page to be taken- saved.

3. Press the Print Screen Button (PrtSc SysRq) on the keyboard (see figure in number 3)

4. Select the area you want in LightShot (the image you want to capture) then Drag to the size you want.

5. Click the floppy image to save the LightShot result.

6. Select a storage location.

7. Name the file for LightShot results. For use in blog posts, use the file name format like this: name-drawing-like this (lowercase letters and use interconnection alerts).

8. Save!


Similarly How to Download, Save, or Save Images on the Computer Screen alias Create ScreenShot.

Expert Lheeman

What are Your Blog Problems ?

What are Your Blog Problems ?
What are Your Blog Problems ?

For nearly a month I publish postings weight ranging from tips on writing until productivity. Not only drain my time and thought to make it, but these postings may be time-consuming and mind to read it. To break from this condition, I made a light post on the three issues of your blog.
The issues you are free, for example:
*. Income from blog

*. visitor

*. Write

*. Social media

*. SEO

*. productivity blogging

*. WordPress

*. Product manufacturing information

I will make your problems as the idea of my writing. This can be the next post or ebook (if necessary more detailed and complete explanation is coming on the next post).

Had I not have a solution, I'll find an expert (blogger or internet marketer in Indonesia) to provide solutions to your problems. The shape or guest posts interview the expert.

So, do not be shy to write three blogging problem you're facing in the comments section below.

Expert Lheeman